Dumling and the Golden Goose

Blog 1861 – 10.28.2020

Dumling and the Golden Goose


Dumling and the Golden Goose

As in today’s story so many dream of winning the lottery or finding that golden goose and never having to worry about money ever again. One definition of rich is “having enough” and that is why many people with more than enough money to spend in several lifetimes still do not think of themselves as rich because to them their pile still is not high enough.

Some years ago a man wrote a book, Think And Growing Rich. It has sold many copies to folks who aspire to great financial wealth. Do you see your cup as half empty, half full, full to over flowing, or do you sometimes wonder if somebody stole your cup?

We have many of us found ourselves short of cash from time to time and this year especially with COVID-19 hospital and funeral expenses and so many unable to work nor having a regular paycheck coming in many have experienced a reversal of fortunes. We the people, mostly not in the one percent category, think of Marie Antonette’s famous, if apocryphal, quote regarding many of her people not having bread, “Let them eat cake” that she was pretty calloused. It is self evident that a certain French pastry (pie) had been cut to the advantage of some over others. Even today, silly and unsubstantiated ideas like American Exceptionalism or The Self Made Man persistence despite the absurdity of such notions.

The financially rich and powerful write the rules and when they work too well for too many they rewrite them always to favor the few over the many. Marie Antonette and her hubby lost their heads in a popular revolt of the people who got tired of having little or no fair share of the bread to feed themselves and their families. Sadly shortly after the French Revolution a young corporal of short stature but big on dreams of extending his influence around the world rose to power for a short while. His greed and excesses were as bad if not far worse than that of the royals.

In the last century a another corporal rose to power and riches this time in Germany. Hitler and Napoleon for all their gifts at battle strategy made the same classic mistake of getting themselves involved in a land war in Russia in the wintertime. It is most always a mistake to miscount Russia this time of year with winter coming on.

The Russian people like the French got tired of a rich ruling class that gobbled up most everything leaving little left for the millions born into poverty. The once believed in around the world America Dream of a place where everyone was welcomed and given a real chance to get ahead has been relegated to the trash bin almost entirely by the purported billionaire in charge and his circle of cronies. The Grand Ole Party he took over and turned into the Party of Trump has sacrificed and quite literally sold the last cow and the whole farm for a few magical beans and Supreme Court and Federal Judge appointments. Their supposed golden goose more closely resembles a squealing pig in orange make-up and lipstick.

The old adage goes something like a pig even with lipstick is still a pig. The thing about pigs is that left on their own they leave little for others in the trough. President Trump likes to brag that he has not taken a salary as President, but his properties have racked in millions to his businesses that he refused to put into a blind trust so there would be no impropriety. I hope this indeed turns out to be a one term presidency for President Impropriety and that the billions taken from the hands of the many and redistributed to the few are returned to them with interest.

What do you say, people, that we take steps to bring back the real objectives of the American Revolution and try to create a more perfect union restoring some of those inalienable rights among which are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and where people like George and Louise Jefferson finally get a piece of the pie and all the rest of us little piggies too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White



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