This Is The Way We Take A Bath

Blog 1830 – 09.27.2020

This Is The Way We Take A Bath

This Is The Way We Take A Bath

When I was a boy, a long long time ago, I watched a lot of old black and white movies on TV. Even the newer ones were black and white in our house for my folks never had a color TV till I got back from serving in the Army. One of the more interesting movies was made from a popular book, many still are today. The book behind this black and white movie and the title of the movie were the same, Cheaper By The Dozen. It was the story of a turn of the last century family with twelve children. Wow, that is a lot of kids to feed, cloth, and bathe. The father in the story was a professional efficiency expert and one of the funniest scenes was of him demonstrating his well thought out complete and thorough quick bath in two minutes. He felt the need for everyone to learn the precise steps and in order so they could keep traffic moving expeditiously through the family’s single bathroom and thereby keep it freed up for other necessarily purposes besides long leisurely baths.

Like most men I prefer a brief shower to a long hot bath, that is unless I am ill or my body and muscles are sore from some extended work out or an unintended slip or fall. Ladies, seldom ever as sweaty and dirty as us guys get, I understand prefer a long soak in a warm bath with oils or bubbles and sometimes both. Not perhaps a very efficient use of time on the surface, but what softens and pleases a women’s skin can be and should be important and encouraged by women loving men.

Wow, Crazy Dave, we were wondering where you were going today with the baby bath book. Also I must add that I was wise enough to convince my wife many years ago to let me add on an extra small bath to our small three bedroom home. In my design I made sure to allow enough room for a stand up shower. She accuses me of taking too long in the shower, but I never complain of how long she takes bathing.

The lesson is it does not have to be quick or long, fast or short, it can be both. As Ernie of the Sesame Street duo of of Bert and Ernie sings, “I love to sing, sing in the bath tub” and “I love to sing, sing in the shower.” These two song go perfectly with the older baby bath song, “This Is The Way We Take A Bath.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Attached is a link to a cover of Nora Jones song called Seven by my daughter Emily with a far less gifted singer, me, trying to sing along with her, From the first time I heard Emily sing it, it has been and will ever be to me known as, The Baby Song.

A Duet With My Baby

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