Sheep in a Shop

Blog 1829 – 09.26.2020

Sheep in a Shop

Sheep In A Shop

One of my most enjoyable work assignments was seven weeks spent in and around Aberdeen, Scotland in June and July of 2011. In my free time I got to see a great deal of Scotland, as far south as Edinburgh and as far north as Inverness and all along the way from buses, cars, and trains I saw lots of sheep and lambs grazing in the green grass on the hill sides. I must admit that I never saw sheep in a shop but many shops did have plaid throws, scarfs, kilts and other clothing woven from sheep’s wool. I brought home as a souvenir a woolen tartan plaid blanket from Arbroath, famous for it’s ancient abbey ruins and it’s tasty smoked fish, called smokies. My souvenir still has a faint smokey smell from the fish shop it came from in Arbroath.

I consider myself fortunate that I have had the opportunity to see as much of this big beautiful blue ball as I have and hope that I get to spend the rest of my life seeing more of it. This COVID-19 pandemic has halted a lot of work projects and kept many of us without work staying in place to try to help prevent it’s spread. The experts say the worst of it may be yet to come. Hoping as we all do that they are being over cautious, we should nevertheless heed their educated advise.

One of my favorite Biblical sounding phrases is, “This, too, shall pass.” That can often be a comforting thought especially when one is in the middle of a particularly stressing or uncomfortable experience. Being a guy I have no real idea how painful childbirth or even a mammogram is for you ladies is, but having been catheterized several times because I was unable to void my bladder due to an enlarged prostrate I do have a few personal experiences with pain and the wonderful relief when it passes. Fortunately for me two pills daily has kept me from needing to be catheterized for over two years now – whew. I was taught by a Urologist’s nurse how to do it to myself just in case the need ever arises. How’s that, Boy Scouts, for being prepared?

But I have wandered perhaps too far a field from sheep and perhaps with a bit TMI or TMPI (Too Much Personal Information) but then getting to know the intimate details of one another’s lives often helps us to feel less isolated, less alone when passing through troubling times ourselves. I can still hear a dear older gentleman singing his one solo song that he did and often in church when I was a boy. It went:

“If I can help somebody along life’s way, then my living shall not be in vain.”

There is much said in the Bible about sheep. Of the Star of David, the Star and Hero of the New Testament, Jesus called the Christ, it was written and has been said, “Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world.” He is also referred to as the Good Shepherd, a virtual one man show. Whatever different ones believe and teach about Jesus, sheep sacrifice their wool and even their lives to feed and clothe multitudes, never as willingly as Jesus, but at our bidding.

The very idea of sheep in a house brings a smile to my face, charming and not nearly so alarming as a bull in a china shop. Stay safe, dear friends.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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