Cap’n Smudge

Blog 1799 – 08.27.2020

Cap’n Smudge

Cap’n Smudge

The old joke line, “You’re either a pirate or not a pirate, Arh…” comes to mind. What collections of stories would be complete, children’s or otherwise, without a tale of a yo ho ho sailing ship pirate.

Considering the many directions I might pursue with this picture in my mind of pirate Cap’n Smudge, we will just have to see where this goes. First, that mop stick peg-leg of his calls to mind several jobs that I have worked where I truly felt if there had not been labor laws against it that in addition to the two or three assigned tasks to keep my hands and feet busy that my supervisors if they could have would have had me insert a broomstick handle you know where so that I could keep the work place swept at the same time.

Much is said and written about productively, and profits but far too little about pay and benefits. Presidents and would be Presidents like to talk about job creation and production, but the real story, the real smudge on and off the record is that workers wages, benefits, buying, and bargaining power have lost ground for fifty years or more in this country. Six months of under reported disease, death and lost jobs has made an already sad work situation far worse for way too many.

The dirty secret that the rich and powerful few do not want talked about or much if anything done about is that the system needs to be changed. Any system, whether it be theocracy, monarchy, communism, capitalism, or democracy, where most all the power and profits go only to a few is the same old shell game perpetrated on the little guys – bait and switch. A dream out of the reach of the many and only realizable by a select few is a scam and a system over ripe for revolution. How history must be rewritten and often to cover up the smudges and keep the masses asleep and little aware of who is doing it to whom.

The American, the French, the Russian and revolutions around the world always promise a more equitable slice of the pie for those in the lesser stations.

We in the west like to laugh derisively at the anecdotal and probably apocryphal, but nevertheless obviously ignorant and insensitive remark of French Queen Marie Antonette who purportedly said when she heard that the people had no bread, “Let them eat cake.”

Oh, but the few always have cake and champagne while even those who make and keep them rich, suffer poverty, do without, and some even die for lack of proper diet, adequate shelter, and for lack of equal access to medical attention. These things cannot continue to be justified so a few can have it all. What do the rich and powerful fear most – the redistribution of wealth. They are perfectly fine spouting platitudes like patriotism, equality, liberty, and justice for all so long as it does not cost them anything personally. The founders of the America Revolution and signers of the Declaration of Independence pledged not only their word of honor, but their lives, and their personal fortunes to the revolutionary cause. Some lost their lives in that cause and all, but a few did lose their fortunes never to get them back. That war was a far cry from most if not all American Wars since, that were clearly more, about the Benjamins than righting wrongs, securing life, liberty, and equity.

There are some who still stubbornly deny systemic racial and economic inequality in this country and others around the world who instead of admitting the ugly truth prefer to cling to antiquated religions and political philosophies that give cover to the rich ruling class as if their absolute right to wealth and power over others was ordained from on high and never to be questioned. If the king or President says or does it, it cannot be “unlawful” or wrong they say. The trickle down theory in a nutshell, a single word, is Horse Drip.

Even Cap’n Smudge with an eye-patch, mop handle peg leg, and a crow on his shoulder deserves a fair and equal sized slice of the pie, and not a smaller one than a chosen few individuals or corporations who can pay a team of lobbyists to write new laws favoring them, “laws” that are then enacted by the best government money can buy. Before revolution in the streets is the only path left to equity, vote them out and keep voting them out till they remember who they are suppose to be representing. And if there is no one you deem worthy of your vote, vote the one in, out. Use it or lose it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

Big Rock Candy Mountains

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