Blog 1798 – 08.26.2020



I recall a special young man once saying to me after reading The Silver Chair, one of C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia books, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful if real life was like that? To such a question then and even forty years later I still reply, “Oh, but it is and even more so if seen only through the eyes of love and imagination.”

Jesus said once to a group of folks, “You must become as a little child to enter into the kingdom of heaven.” He had already told them that the kingdom of heaven was not some pie in the sky distant location but “within you.” What on earth or heaven did he mean? I think he was talking about viewing the world and everything in it from a child’s heart full of love, hope, and imagination.

Silly men like to label everything that does not turn a quick profit or increase their power or influence as womanist or childish. But woman and children to a larger degree than most men see what is far more important to mental and emotional health than profits, power, and influence – love, relationships, and imagination.

Imagine yourself at the head of a large corporation, top of your class, leaving all the competitors behind in a cloud of dust. That is not a healthy way at all to use our imagination. A smart child or women is far less likely to waste their time or thought on such silly notions of oneupmanship, but are more interested in the way couples, families, and teams work together to accomplish shared visions and goals.

I know to many the intention process seems like New Age nonsense or just wishful thinking and maybe it is mostly, but I especially like the idea of tacking on a disclaimer to every intention, prayer, or wish that it only be considered, answered, or granted if it is for the good of not only myself but the universe, everyone and everything. What looks to be of the best benefit for us individually does not always effect others and the environment in a positive way. Not only can pushing a single sided vision ruin our own eyesight and soul, but it can mess it up not just for us, but everyone else as well.

As my revised from Carolina to California Mockingbird Song attached says: “Love’s the finest thing around. Whisper something soft and kind…”

John Lennon in one of his finest songs, Imagine, tries to get us to imagine a world where all the people are living for today and not putting off till tomorrow really loving and caring for others. That more than anything else makes heaven not just in our hearts, but everywhere.

So be it and let it be so, for the good of the universe, myself, everyone, and everything -Amen.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

California In My Mind

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