The Berenstain Bears On The Moon

Blog 1792 – 08.20.2020

The Berenstain Bears On the Moon

The Berenstain Bears On The Moon

I do not find it all that surprising or worthy of ridicule that anyone, even a particularly odious CEO, boss, con-man, President finds a word that they just cannot get their lips around. Hateful, divisive, purposely misused words, those are open to sarcastic criticism, in my book, but mispronunciations that is another matter. I heard quite senior TV reporter commentator, Sam Donelson say in an interview that he and long time colleague Dan Rather had on CNN recently, taking questions on the President’s often childish dangerous behaviors, in which he concluded, “I might feel sorry for him if I were a better man.” What a telling sentiment.

What got me thinking along these lines is the unsureness that I feel trying to say aloud the name of the bears in today’s children’s book. I have seen the name in print many times, but not heard it pronounced nearly enough to have a good handle on it so I freeze a bit, fumble a bit, still with that one. The President had some trouble in a COVID briefing recently trying to pronounce a word. Sadly, it was not a one up word in the briefing. Some attentive staffer should have taken out the thesaurus and found him an alternate.

Even on one so quick himself to mock others, labeling them with unflattering names and discounting their worth, I realize how tempting it is for his opponents to pounce on this mispronouncing, but still it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. I with a growing host of people, believe, and hope a better man and woman will soon occupy the two top offices in this land. I have no illusions that even if that is the case that the bitter hate speech of the current top office holders, especially you know who, will just go away. His no blow too low, no lie too outrageous, and never apologize mantra has I fear deepened the swamp not drained it. What his legacy will be some may debate, but, I think, history will not be kind to this President. He certainly was not to many, most of us, not even to those who tried to serve him best. Some Presidents, like Lincoln, have called upon our better natures, this one has not, nor tried very hard to display his own.

I was working in Wisconsin when he ran for President the first time four years ago. I remember being quite amazed at the multitude and over whelming frequency of the signs I saw supporting him as I drove across the state. One hardly ever saw a sign for the Democratic nominee. A friend recently sent me a hand painted sign she saw in her beloved home state of Wisconsin, it read simply, “By, Don.” Will history record these as By Don days or Buy Don days? We shall see in November.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


P.S. I do try to practice, sound check, spell check, edit, rewrite and re-record till I get something past my editor, me. But, I have no illusions regarding my limited talents or or skills. Often I just have to present a song or blog, flaws and all, hoping someone will see past the imperfections and find at least one nugget to make the reading or listening worth while. If you are still a fan of the current Presidential office holder you have certainly done that. I, personally, cannot see how, but I have to admire your determination.

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