Good Night Moon

Blog 1752 – 07.11.2020

Good Night Moon

Another classic baby bedtime story book today:
Good Night Moon

Yesterday, in my perhaps and quite probably excessive TV viewing I watched a couple of episodes of The Universe on my Netflix streaming service. I particularly enjoyed the program that dealt exclusively with the wonders of our planet’s single moon and how life as we know it on this planet might never have evolved had it not been for our moon’s strategic positioning. Unlike the two Roman boys in the myth, I was not raise by wolves, but by people, and I do not mean just my parents, who had been taught to believe that the Bible was literally true and that their fundamentalist interpretation of the myths in it were the only true and correct ones. Gate keepers and toll takers have historically always preyed on those with limited or no formal education. Any education that teaches people what to think instead of how to think is religious or political indoctrination and not education.

All the silly notions that we have been taught and thought about the moon are proof enough of my religion versus education theory. When we are taught to fear opposing views and to see different religions and cultures as the enemy of truth we have been duped into believing The Great Life – us versus them, us being the good guys and they being the bad guys. “There ain’t no good guys. There ain’t no bad guys. There’s only you and me.” We sometimes disagree.

There was a tongue in cheek joke in a Saturday Night Live skit many years ago where a Japanese veteran of World War II was talking to U.S. veteran of the same war and the line was, “You so smart, who won the Second World War?”

The Brits and Americans always argue over which of them really won the war, but both are wrong. Though both countries lost thousands of military personnel in that war no country can compare to the millions that the Russians lost. The Brits and Americans promised to open up a second front against Hitler in France for a year and a half before D Day actually took place. And meanwhile Russia bore the brunt of Hitler’s onslaught. They withstood him and the might of his invading armies like no one else and yet the Battle of Britain and D-Day get history’s headlines and we still delude ourselves that dropping two horrendous, immoral, and unnecessary atomic bombs and destroying two Japanese cities full of civilians ended the war with Japan – not true. The fear of Russian occupation after their armies had been freed up in the West at Germany’s surrender as they turned East to retake Manchuria and Korea on their way to invade the Japanese mainland, this is what ended and won the war.

Napoleon Bonaparte, the French Dictator who like Hitler also made the mistake of trying to defeat Russia in a ground war said, “History is a set of lies agreed upon.” The winners we are told write the histories or at least those who profess against all the evidence that they were the winners. Who really won World War Two, the Capitalists or the Communists? The lies still persist. Whose army tried to strangle our infant republic in it’s cradle and a few years after our independence attacked our capital and burned the White House? It was not the Russians but the Brits. Hands across the water indeed. And who openly conspired with the the greatest enemy our republic ever face on the battle field, the Confederate South, the Limeys again.

A quite famous Brit, Winston Churchill, declared in a speech at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1949 that Bolshevism (Communism) should have been strangled in it’s cradle in 1919. What is with Brits and babies and us Americans too for far greater than those military deaths in World War Two were the civilian deaths, many babies. We at least in the beginning of the war preferred to bomb German military targets by day, even at heavier losses to our own planes and personnel while the Brits fire bombed indiscriminate targets at night – perhaps as revenge against the night time bombings of British civilians in the U.K. by the Nazis.

One last swipe at the lie that two American A Bombs destroying two smaller Japanese cities ended the war. It did not. The Japanese still refused unconditional surrender after Hiroshima not wishing to give up their religious devotion to their Emperor who was like a god to them. It was the Russian invasion that began on August 9th, the same day the second A Bomb was dropped, that ended the war for the Japanese knew there would be no negotiations with Russian troops. We ended up actually allowing them to keep their emperor. According to General Douglas MacArthur we could have ended the war in May had we conceded that issue to them then. He said the atomic bombs were totally unnecessary as did General Dwight D. Eisenhower and many other military experts. We had already destroyed most of the Japanese cities with fire bombs so what difference did two more cities make?

Check it out for yourself. Maybe the info is not as available and bright as the sun light but it it is most certainly as plain and clear as a moon lit night.

Your Friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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