Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Blog 1751 – 07.10.2020

Miss Nelson Is Missing!

Today’s book choice was a favorite of my Emily’s when she was a little girl. We first saw and heard it read together on the PBS reading show, Reading Rainbow. And just days later we were at the nearest branch of the public library checking it our for her. Emily loved the public library, loved being read to, and loved to read. From a girl she had a wonderful sense of humor and this well written and illustrated book tickled her funny bone, mine too.


Miss Nelson Is Missing!

We all had teachers that we might have wished went missing for a few days so this story is appealing to most everyone on several levels. After my three year stint in the U.S. Army, one year shy of fifty years ago, I briefly considered a career in elementary education but dropped out before completing the first semester. I did go back to college a couple of years later but for different degree program. One of my lifelong friends, Phyllis, did spend most of her working career in elementary education, much of it teaching children with special needs. I salute Phyllis and teachers everywhere for their great contributions. At the same time Pink Floyd’s, The Wall, echoes in my head, “Hey, Teacher, leave those kids alone. All you are is just another brick in the wall.”

Someone has said that being adult is being able to hold two opposing thoughts in your mind at the same time. As schizophrenic as that may sound to some, I believe it is true. Many of us have had and perhaps still do a lifelong love/hate relationship with teachers. I like to think that another saying is true too, that when the student is ready the master will come. Whether you see that master as Jesus, God, the Holy Spirit, or just the highest best version of your self you need no other teacher to know the true true.

Much today is said about this or that being “false news” but I happen to believe that the truth has a ring to it and that if we are deceived it is because we want to be, shame on us. A Hitler never rises to power without a lot of people turning a deaf ear to the ring of truth. “No matter what they teach you, what you believe is true.” Isn’t that right, Miss Nelson?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


No Matter What

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