Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Tors

Blog 1749 – 07.08.2020

Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Toes


Eyes & Nose, Fingers & Toes

Here is another cute little Sesame Beginning baby book. It is so wonderful to watch babies begin discovering the wonderful world around them, first up eyes and nose, fingers and toes, as they explore all the wonders without.

But, the truest most wonderful wonders that await us all are those that await for us within. Many Christians think Jesus came to show us the way to heaven, but it was he who said to the religious folk of his day, “The kingdom of heaven is with in you.”

Having come of age in the nineteenth fifties and sixties my mind has been almost constantly bombarded with images, thoughts, and words about outer space. I saw live on TV Alan Shepard’s first brief rocket ride that was so quick I do not think they even had time for a commercial break between launch time and splash down. I also saw live his first steps on the moon and every episode of the original Star Trek as it aired. I watched the first Star Wars movie in a movie theater several times when in first came out even taking my teenagers Sunday School class to a drive-in move to watch it from the back of my first pickup truck.

But by far more thrilling and fulfilling than all the Star Trek and Star Wars movies and the DC and Marvel Universes combined is the true Universe, the door to which is our own mind and heart. One of my all time favorite authors, who took her leave a few years ago, Louise Hay, use to say and to write that if you really want to know joy, and all the really important stuff, you need only – “Go within.”

Baby’s are not content for very long with just exploring eyes and nose, fingers and toes. We can only guess at their inner lives. I have heard it expressed that the reason babies do do start out talking is that the memories of all they have experienced in previous lives are too fresh and they would spoil it for the rest of us, finding out all over again as if it were the first time what a wonderful world we were born into and the wider one that awaits within.

If you think the outer world is cool wait till you realize how much bigger and brighter the inner one is. “Do not be afraid to go within, my friends.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


What A Wonderful World

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