Nighty Night

Blog 1748 – 07.07.2020

Nighty Night

Nighty Night

One of my favorite black and white movies has Shirley Temple, America’s once famous little princess, singing to her fans on the radio nightly and the final phrase of her ending song still thrills my heart today, “Good night, my love, sleep tight my love, God bless you, nighty night, Sweetheart.” When as a boy I first saw and heard her sing, she did it so cleverly, that it was hard to believe she that had not written the lines herself and the melodies. But, then at the time I first saw her movies it was also hard for me to accept that the lovely little angel was already a grown and beautiful woman with children older than I of her own.

Shirley’s childhood talent captured on film is still one of our best national treasure. Thank goodness that even the profit motivated people then realized all the hope that her image and voice had to offer a Great Depression strapped country and world. She is still beaming out her upbeat message of hope today, all these many years later, thanks to all the additional ways movies can be watched at the push of a button or the click of a key today.

Today’s DRCB 11 of 296, from David Reads Children’s Books, is, as most all of the early ones are, a bedtime story book. I have seen pictures of little Amelia, whom I have yet to meet in person, looking at this and other books by herself and wearing a big smile. She will be a reader someday and will perhaps read these treasures to her own babies. I hope someone will teach her to sing to them Shirley’s sweet bedtime song. What child young or old would not want to be rocked to sleep by that little number.

What is left to say, but, “Nighty Night, Sweetheart.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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