The Perfect Present

Blog 1744 – 07.03.2020

The Perfect Present

The Perfect Present

Yesterday, when my wife returned from her pre-dawn walk I was doing my daily blog before taking my morning bike ride. She asked me, “Where is your bike, did you take it off the back of your pick-up?” I had not, so I went out to take a look. Someone had stollen my bike off the bike rack attacked to the back of the truck. It was evidently a theft because the two rubber grippers were off the locking clamp laying on the concrete in the driveway as was my bike water bottle. My wife was way more excited about it all than I was. Of all the times I forget to lock the clamp the one time I did it barely slowed anyone down from taking my bike. Locks only ever just slow thieves down. Everything is for the taking to those who want to risk all to get other people’s stuff without their consent. I whispered to myself as I confirmed that the bike was gone that I hope that it serves whoever took it as well as it has me for the year and a half that I had control of it. I rode it in Wyoming, Indiana, and Texas many a mile. I would have given it to whoever took it had I known they wanted it. So they should think of it as a gift. I did and still do.

All too often we act as if the things that we think we own, own us. Only what we hold loosely can we ever truly enjoy. In this temporal world everything is only temporary. I enjoyed my bike as I have many bikes over my almost three score and ten years. There will be another and probably a better one. I knew I would have to let it go one day anyway. The day just came sooner than I expected. I try to think of everything in my life as a perfect present but am aware that even the more especially acknowledged ones are only on loan for a while. Even houses and land have to be sold or passed on eventually.

I think it even more likely that we do not even get to take many if any conscious memories into our next lives. That would spoil the surprise of the perfect gifts awaiting us there. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves too much and forget to enjoy the perfect gifts we have here and now. Accepting and letting go graciously as well are important skills to develop and practice. That bike was a gift I gave to myself as I have learned most all of the best gifts usually are. I hope whoever has it now truly enjoys it.

And I know this kind of thinking may sound crazy to all you law and order folk. As I wrote in a blog recently I do not excuse nor condone rape, violence, or theft. But I choose to not waste another moment fretting over the loss of things or even people in my life but rather to enjoy them as long as I can and let them go when it is time believing nothing of value is ever truly lost and that all things are mine to enjoy for time and eternity. It is certainly a less stressful way to live. I have not gotten in down perfectly yet, but I am working on it.

Let’s just see what today brings into our lives or takes away.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


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