Life Has Lots Of Ups And Downs

Blog 1735 – 06.24.2020

Life Has Lots Of Ups And Downs

Like the beautiful and so often visible sunrises and sunsets life is indeed full of ups and downs. I inferred that they are not always visible because sometimes there are things like clouds that temporarily block our vision. Even when it is cloudy or we are indoors we still can be sure that for every sunrise there will be a balancing sunset. And contrary to what we are led to believe one is not good and the other bad. They are neither good nor bad but the same which a picture of either one would prove, it being difficult if not impossible without several shots in order to tell whether the picture is of a sunrise or sunset.

Crazy Dave, I can hardly believe you took a whole paragraph to say the obvious – the sunrises and sets, so what. My point, if I even have one, is that instead of wasting so much effort labeling everything good or bad we should just enjoy every gift that comes to us. I have stressed and often my core belief in a benevolent Universe that is forever sending us gifts in answer to our requests. They are, I think, gifts that are custom made to correspond to the vibrations, signals we are consciously or unconsciously sending out. What comes to us is in some way what we are asking for. The adage, “Be careful what you wish for” is often more appropriate than we think. For years now I have received daily Notes from the Universe, written by my friend and yours, Mike Dooley, whose mantra is “Thoughts become things, pick the good ones.” Mike believes, and I do too, that we manifest in our lives what we entertain, dwell on, and invest in emotionally, in our minds.

His theory sounds almost too simplistic to be true, but like those lovely sunrises and sunsets it is really a sure and certain thing and it would be ever obvious but for our cloudy understanding of our own dreams and desires. One of the best and most well produced science-fiction flicks of the early nineteen-fifties is the classic, Forbidden Planet. The premise of the psychological tale is that our thoughts are indeed powerful and that we alone are responsible for loosing the monsters or angels inside us. I suggest if you have not already seen it that during this time when most if not all the movie theaters are still shut down due to the virus that you watch this wonderful movie staring a young and handsome Leslie Nielsen and a young and beautiful Anne Francis and with a surprisingly large cast of other well known and soon would be actors.

The point again plainly, instead of looking for labels even the Union one or the Made in America one, to borrow another tired slogan “Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth” but, rest assured that every gift that comes is from our loving and infinite source and in some way is always meant to do us good. Hard to believe? Yeah, I know, but the more history I pile up the more I know it to be personally true.

Enjoy the present and, if you would prefer some different gifts, look to changing your own gift suggestions, try putting out a more positive vibrational frequency. Good good vibrations – so nineteen seventies.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White
A Million Dreams

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