Almost Half Way Through Production, 2020

Blog 1734 – 06.23.2020

Almost Half Way Through Production, 2020

This has been in so many ways already an unusual year for most of us. And with just a little over half of it yet to go it remains to be seen what new and unusual out comes may yet be in store. The U.S. death toll alone from the COVID 19 Virus has already reached 120,000 and we are still not sure if those numbers are under reported since the virus compromises immune systems and may be the root cause of some deaths attributed to other causes. In our so politically charged and divided environment the virus too has become a football kicked and passed back and forth by both sides trying to score points with all of us being the ultimate losers.

Like the steroid use years of Baseball, many if not all the records in this yearbook may have asterisks by them due to the virus. But, to paraphrase the great TV reporter and anchor Walter Cronkite, “It is a year in many ways like any other year accept you are there.” What indeed will the history books make of 2020. As many of you, I enjoy reading what some think the most important things that happened the year that I was born. As yet my accomplishments have placed me on few top ten lists other than perhaps my parents, a few wives and lovers, close family and friends. Nineteen-fifty seems like ancient history for so many these days, even sometimes to me. But, then we all had to start our current adventure sometime.

I watched yet another interesting movie yesterday as I wait patiently for contract inspection work to pick up again and for a new away work assignment to be offered me. Bigger Than The Sky is the name of the movie and it was originally released in 2005. It is about a young man whose girlfriend has left him saying that he and his life are just too boring. He decides to audition for a part in a community theater production of Cyrano de Bergerac. He shows up for the first rehearsal after a call saying that he has been selected for the part not fully realizing, never having been in any play, that he has been picked for the title role.

I have long thought like the Shakespeare line that “the world is a stage and each must play a part.” In the movie about a play they quote several times the actor truism that “there are no small parts only small actors.” After failing so badly in rehearsals Peter the star of the movie and the play decides to step down from the lead role, for the good of the play, and take a smaller part with no lines just so he can stay in the play. The new actor that is brought in to take the role of Cyrano, though quite accomplished, is so difficult and egotistical that on opening night Peter ties him up so the director will be forced to ask him to step in and play the part which he does expertly. It is a wonderful romp of a movie and play. As is this one, if we give it our best shot, even with all the unanticipated last minute changes.

So as they say on opening night and before each production begins on Broadway, off-broadway, and in community theater productions around the world, “Break a leg.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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