Blog 1732 – 06.20.2020


Trying to entertain my mind during this time of waiting for my work life to resume, I have been reading a lot more and watching way more streamed movies and TV programs than normal. In a very well made movie, Saint Judy, that I watched a few days ago, the lawyer mother and her young son used today’s title abbreviation with one another several times throughout the film. It stands for the line taken from the swearing in oath used in many courts of law – “The whole truth and nothing but the truth.”

In a time in which lying seems to have become the expected, the norm, even in the highest office in the land, I wonder if we should not require all those in authority not just to uphold and defend the Constitution but to always tell the truth.

In his manifesto written in a prison cell, there for his political beliefs, a young politician Adolf Hitler penned, “the bigger the lie one tells, the more people will believe it.” Outrageous lies get the most attention like the false story about a pedophile ring being run out of a pizza parlor in New York City or that our previous President was born in Kenya not the United States and therefore was unqualified to be President. One of the latest in a continued and constant barrage of “big lies” is that the current office holder at seventy-four is in “perfect” health while his opponent in the November race, three years his senior, is already battling early onset dementia and is not nearly as healthy and in as great a physical shape as he. Any bathroom scale if not immediately broken would dispel that last big lie. I am reminded of the famous childhood line used to counter act lies, “I’m rubber; you’re glue. Whatever you say bounces off me and stick on you.”

Early on, I tried to give the current President the benefit of the doubt and tried hard to over look his penchant for hurtful fabrications. He rarely has a kind word for those who oppose or disappoint him, male or female, or of any hue, even white, his favorite color. Most of his kind words and praise he seems to reserve for himself. He so reminds me of the Russia of my youth who claimed to have invented everything and to be better at everything than anyone else. Admittedly they have done some great things as he has. Sadly telling the whole truth has never been one of either’s strong suites. That is a card playing analogy for you non-card playing folk. It refers to a hand of cards like in pinochle where say clubs is trump and you have more clubs than any other suit. Clubs in that case would be your strong suit.

Our current President, if a card player, is more of a poker player, to paraphrase the title of his book “The Art Of The Deal” his style of play is “The Art Of The Raise And The Bluff.” Some think the reason he has fought so hard and continues to regarding withholding his tax information is that they might prove Russian collusion in his businesses or some other nefarious crimes. Maybe they would, but the real reason that he hides this information is, I think, to cover one of his biggest lies, the one that has made him the most money, and got him elected, that he is and has long been a billionaire. Really? The only tax records we have seen thus far paint a different story, as do all his unpaid subcontractor bills, and all his threatened and actually filed lawsuits, not to mention all those filed against him for failure to pay. Perhaps he should change the name of his book to read, The Art of Law Suites And Bankruptcies.”

There is in the end always an accounting where the books must be balanced. It is entirely possible as jugglers have shown and skilled account managers as well to keep more than a few balls in the air for a time but to mix metaphors a bit even the most elaborate house of cards eventually come crashing down. And to add an ominous note from the house build on the sand parable, “Great will be the crash there of.”

We can argue points of view and opinions till we are all red or blue in the face but facts are stubborn things and no matter how we try to stretch or spin them they always retain their original shape in the end or put another way – the truth will out.

The Truth we are told will set us free. I think, that, besides the payday, is why people write “tell all” books, to set the record strait, to blow the whistle, to sound the alarm, to even the score – “to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth” so help me Bob or whatever higher power, even yourself, that you choose to honor and respect enough to say it straight and unvarnished. The unadulterated truth though perhaps sometimes a little hard to swallow is still the most satisfying and sustaining drink. Cheers.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White–thH14sFzV2pqamWT6/view?usp=drivesdk

From The Heart

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