Someday The Final Act, The Last Lines

Blog 1731 – 06.19.2020

Someday The Final Act, The Last Lines

Someday this voice of mine like all others will be stilled, but it is my hope that even then my most encouraging words will echo on and on as long as their are ears to hear and hearts that long for an encouraging word. When I began this daily blog project over five years ago I hoped it would be a vehicle that I could use to help me publish a book about my dearly departed daughter, Emily Elaine White, July 15, 1980 – July 20, 2012. That I already did, three different times in this blog, during the first three July(s) that I posted and I am happy that it is out there for anyone who wants to read about this man’s love for his little girl.

You might think it is a stretch coming up daily with so many encouraging words but it is not really. There always seems to be a new angle to explore or an new way to look at an old one. Sometimes I have gotten controversial, political, or preachy and as much as I try to keep a positive spin on things sometimes things are not always peachy. But there is I believe always a silver lining to even the darkest clouds and an encouraging word to be found if one just takes just a moment to look for it.

As I said in the beginning of this piece, I realize that we all in this particular story must eventually write, say or sing our last lines, but I still believe that anything that we say loud and long enough will echo for quite some time if not forever. Too often, the things we wish forgot are not while the things we wish were not forgot seem to be little remembered. But remember this as you do that first car or kiss – never miss an opportunity to share an encouraging word with a friend. By doing so you will ensure your words will echo in the audience hearts long after your scene is played and your last line in this performance has been delivered. See you at the cast party afterwards.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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