Much More To Explore

Blog 1728 – 06.16.2020

Much More To Explore

I feel a bit sorry for those who think their lives mundane and boring who have lost their zeal for exploring. I am itching to get back at it. These almost six months now off work waiting for a new away work assignment have been a fun time of reacquainting myself with the beauty of southeast Texas, Houston in particular. And I have to admit that I had forgotten there is much more to it than heat and humidity. We have had an exceptionally long and pleasant spring. I tease my lovely wife Linda, that it has all been just for me.

But, then that is how I have come to see all of life that it is all just for me. I mentioned The Healer movie that I watched a couple of times over the weekend. In it Alec Bailey, the healer, had a way with animals and people, without even touching them he gave something of his inner spark to all around him. I suppose that is the central theme and purpose of this my blog and my life. From a boy I dreamed of becoming a philanthropist someday and have discovered that even those of us who unlike Paul Newman never got rich in our profession still have two of the most important treasure within us to share with others – love and encouragement.

Even an exploring life can be disappointing and boring without them. One does not have to chase twisters nor tilt at windmills to find purpose in life nor even to travel very far from their own back yard. The greatest joys in life are moments of sharing what we have most to give with others, who need it most far more than silver or gold and we all do – loving and encouraging words.

Here are some of my favorites aimed right at you, “You are lovely, you are lovable, you are completely loved, for you are love.”

Your friend and fellow traveler,

With ever the encouraging word,

David White

No Night So Long

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