The Truth About Us

Blog 1724 – 06.11.2020

The Truth About Us

No matter how broken, incomplete, or inadequate we may feel at any moment of our lives the truth is we are none of that. We are holy and we are whole for are we made and we are kept that way by the power invested in us. That phrase “by the power invested in me” is one we hear mostly at weddings, but contrary to a certain religious myth about a wedding in our future we have always been wed to the greatest power in the Universe, the Great I am.

I am a fan of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher books and just finished his Wanted Man yesterday. In the story Lee paints the picture of a Nebraska county sheriff’s final scene in that story as he succumbs to a heart attack after doing his best to locate a missing child. Lee paints the thoughts running through the sheriff’s mind after he has breathed his last:

“Finally. A question answered. A mystery solved. He was going to switch off like an old black-and-white TV, collapsing to a tiny spot of light that burned bright in the center of the screen, before dimming and disappearing forever.”

Even the most optimistic and hopeful among us must admit there are times when we fear that will be the end of all of us, just a switch flipping and all the lights going out forever. I remember as a boy seeing many times that tiny spot of light fading into nothingness but I remember even more then many other times saw that same screen burst into light and life beginning another story, a new adventure, about different and interesting people and places.

The nineteen sixties Sci-Fi TV show used to always open with:

That is what I believe we are – minds that have always known the truth about us, that we are God, gods, God’s exploring the outer limits – and willing co-participants in all these marvelous mystery tours. It may, as I say, not seem like it at times but we are in-charge and more that fully equipped with everything we need to make the most out of each exciting journey.

Relax our higher self, our higher power is always at the controls. We’ve got this.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Also exploring the outer limits,

David White

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