Have We Lost Sight Of What Money Is For?

Blog 1721 – 06.08.2020

Have We Lost Sight Of What Money Is For?

In our mad dash to compile a big pile of cash I think many of us have lost sight of what money is for. I am an advocate of everyone having a cash stash and the individual freedom to decide how much and how high a pile is adequate. I have long held that to me aspiring to be a billionaire is a bit over the top, or even pretending to be one. I read a few days ago that the founder, owner, and CEO of Amazon might soon be the first zillionaire. Who even knew that would every be a thing?

But, then it is so easy in our consumer driven and instant gratification culture, to see how tapping in so well to both of those might cause one to end up with the biggest pile of cash. Trying to be the one who dies with the biggest, brightest, most toys, is to me a rather silly and pointless goal. When each of us folds this tent, throws in the towel, takes our final curtain call, this time around, I am pretty certain our experiences are going to mean far more to us than how big a pile we leave for others to fight over or admire jealously.

I was immediately attracted to the picture quote above and knew that I would have to string a few encouraging words together to post with it. It fits so well with my personal philosophy that I take from the Muppets’ band leader, Doctor Tooth. He says and I whole heartedly agree, “There’s a party all the time for them that choose.”

I spoke briefly with a beloved nephew by marriage yesterday. And even talker that I am, I mostly listened as Gil happily related how much he enjoyed that his job has him traveling throughout the country each week, often far and wide. As he shared stories of his adventures in a way they became mine too. I have a little cash stash set aside, mostly just to be a symbol, a reminder, that I am not poor, nor a wage slave, or a pauper in debt. But my true treasure trove is not cash, savings, gold, silver, diamonds or jewelry but the experiences of a life time.

I have contributed my fair share to the big box stores’ success and for a few years now to Amazon’s too. Most of that stuff I enjoy giving away and even throwing away to make more room in my life for the more important experiences yet to come. Oh, and it is nice to feather our nests that we share with those we love a bit with things we buy to make them and us smile. But, still it is our shared experiences that are our true treasures and those are not nor should we ever consider them just junk for sale.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White


A Million Dreams

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