My Gift To Mamas, First, Grand, Great, And Dads Too

Blog 1693 – 05.10.2020

My Gift To Mamas, First, Grand, Great, And Dads Too

This morning I complete a ten month long project that I called David Reads Children’s Books in which I read and recorded myself reading over two hundred and fifty books written for kids. The vast majority of the books are small short bed-time story books for younger children but I did a few times tackle longer more advanced children’s books too. There was even a Children’s Treasury of Songs book that contained several wonderful short children songs that I sang on several recordings. The bigger books I did a chapter at a time and even then some of the chapters were long, but older children or those younger ones reluctant to go to sleep might particularly enjoy the playing of those. Anything to avoid sleep a little longer.

A friend in Wisconsin with her new first Granddaughter suggested the project and I started out not knowing how many wonderful books I would find and how very much fun it would be reading and recording them all. A few I knew and had read to my own children when they were little especially my daughter Emily. Linda, my wife, did most of the reading to our son Jonathan, Are You My Mother? DRCB 20 was one of their favorites.

Are You My Mother?

One I read yesterday next to last, My Dad Is Great, had an even more special appeal to me the day before Mother’s Day.

My Dad Is Great

Mom’s deservedly get most of the praise and way better gifts on their day. My dad, bless his heart usually got a bottle of Old Spice Aftershave. I fully expected to find when he passed a hidden trove of it but he must have used it to clean his boat or something.

Many of the wonderful DRCB stories reminded me of the stories my dad told as long as I knew him. One of the great finds that I came across was a story my Mother read to me and my brother countless times as it was a favorite of her’s, my brother’s, and mine too. Mama loved Christmas so and taught her boys to as well. Here is my rendering of that beloved story:

Christmas At The Hollow Tree Inn

There are several favorites of my daughter Emily that I included, notably :

Miss Nelson Is Missing?

Bea and Mr. Jones

The Velveteen Rabbit

A Wrinkle In Time

There are countless other great children’s book that I could have included and would have if I did not wish to do other things, mainly concentrate on producing better blogs each morning for myself and you.

If you are looking for smoothness, slickness, and a trained voice you will not find them in my readings. Often the stories moved me so I could hardly read the words for the tears, happy and sad, welling up in my throat. But I soldiered on. I am pleased with the story project in total and hope they have meant and will mean something to others as they have to me and I hope the few that I have already shared them with.

I spent the greater part of yesterday compiling a complete list of the 290 plus recordings. I know I skipped one number DRCB 265 but then several of the children songs I did two or three on one recording so I did not short the assignment. Here is the list or would be if I had not erased it by mistake this morning, one wrong key stroke and all that hard work was gone, but I do still have all the recordings and will if there is enough interest recompose the list for anyone who would like a copy. If not I will just go on to my next work assignment and creative project. Nothing is ever truly lost nor time wasted if it is spent doing what we love for ourself and others that we love.

Some have questioned my spending so much time doing this project and said things like, “Aren’t parents supposed to read to their own children?” And I certainly never intended to get in the way of one on one parent-child time. But children have a wonderful way of wanting to hear the same story over and over and so perhaps my little recordings might helped meet that need. Who knows? I especially enjoyed reading Shari Lewis’s One Minute Bedtime Stories Book, having spent many an early Saturday morning with her and her sock puppet, Lamb Chop, as a boy years ago. Shari is gone, I sooner or later will be too. But I may like Sweet Shari and Lamb Chop still be around reading Children’s Books for years to come with multiple blogs living on after me too. I am sure I will link these stories in my future blogs as I do my Daily Mockingbird Songs from time to time.

Your friend and fellow traveler

Speaker, writer, singer, & reader of children’s books,

David White

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