Proven Philosophy To Live By, For Me Anyway

Blog 1692 – 05.09.2020

Proven Philosophy To Live By, For Me Anyway

For way too many years like many of you perhaps I held tightly to beliefs that no longer served me. If what you believe is serving you I would encourage you to hold on to it. But, if it is not, let it go and try something new. You do not owe that to me or anyone else, just to yourself.

Often life presents difficult and stressful things just so our beliefs will be tried. I think often of Thomas Paine American Revolutionary War pamphleteer’s words: “These are the times that try men’s souls.” Men’s and women’s souls and beliefs are definitely being tried these days. How are they holding up?

The Apostle Paul once purportedly wrote, “When I was a child, I spake as a child, thought as a child, believed as a child, but when I became a man I put away childish things.” Often we have all been guilty of holding on to what we were taught to believe as children that we still desperately cling to like some tattered and long ready to be discarded security blanket.

Everyone, especially the sellers and conmen, want to tell us what to believe. Believe whatever you will, let it be your truth, but pay attention to the proof that what you are believing is still working for you. What you believe should make you feel happy, heathy, and whole down in your soul, if it does not it may no longer fit and may just be a size or several too small, out grown. If we are not growing we are dying they say, whoever they are. They say a lot of things but we always get to choose what we listen to and what we believe. As a child I believed that there were only a few things that I should or could eat and I just did not care to even try many if any of the other things. Even only a few types of candy appealed to me. Lots of children cheat themselves out of great eating experiences by being what we called then, some still do, finicky. Unlike my dad with liver, spinach and other greens (his favorites still not mine) I never try to make anyone eat or believe anything they do not want to. Those choices I believe are up to us individually. As for me, I for some time have made it my practice to discard any belief that no longer serves me. Some may call that apostasy or backsliding I call it learning and growing.

Some, because they were taught to believe it as a child, stick close to home and do only limited prescribed things on Saturdays or Sundays. Indeed during these suggested and even ordered to stay in place days of the pandemic virus most of us are doing mostly just that every day. Much as I may be tempted to tease the, to me silly and stupid, beliefs of others (not very religiously tolerant of you, Crazy Dave) I try not to. Actually, the fact is I am not as tolerant of pitchmen, politicians, preachers, and conmen as I once was, nor as sympathetic to those who continue to let themselves be duped and drained by them. But hey, religious freedom is guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution as is, supposedly at least, the right to own as many guns and bullets as our homes and limitless storage facilities can hold. Some beliefs just no longer make sense to me, some never did, nor ever will.

In closing, again I say, believe what you will, just check those beliefs from time to time to make sure they are still serving you. And if not, do yourself and us all a favor, let them go the way of the dinosaur. If a belief starts to stink it should become extinct. Just a little belief of my own I thought I’d try on for size. It fits me, for now at least. How about you? Got a sweet tooth for a new taste?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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