Our Unexpected Early Morning Visitor

Blog 1681 – 04.28.2020

Our Unexpected Early Morning Visitor

This morning my wife who rises earlier and earlier to walk and I think sometimes just to interrupt my morning writing, singing, and reading rituals, let in a fearful little finch, as she opened the side door to leave. I heard her exclaim, “There is a bird in the bathroom help me get him out without hurting him.” I have learned to have a more tender heart for all creatures because she does. I replied, “Let me get the fish net” as I slipped on shoes and shorts to go outside to get the fish net from where we we had hung in the shed, to remind us to ask our fishing son Jonathan if he could use it, the next time he stops by. As I walked to the shed I stopped to take a morning pee in the grass in the dark (It is a guy thing ladies, we do it because we can so easily – not jealous are you?) I also whispered a prayer, “Please help me not hurt him” and mused over in my mind a plan that I hoped would result in unharmed freedom for birdie.

I got the net, retraced my steps back to the house, and found the finch still fluttering in the dressing room just off the master bathroom being watched over by my tender-hearted angel wife, who was mouthing her own prayer over and over, “Please don’t hurt him.” Net raised, I went after the tiny yellow and black beauty, my heart fluttering as was his and his wings. The holes in the net were too big and he got through several times as we had our dance from room to room. He flew, I pursued, our angel Linda prayed, two rooms later and several more near misses my plan solidified. It was still dark outside so I would let him find his own way out encouraged by the net and the light. One by one I closed all the doors and turned on or off lights to guide him to the front door, the nearest way out. After but a few minutes of adventure more he flew from his unintended prison out the opened front door guided by the last light on, the porch light. Linda and I simultaneously breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. I so love to see her smile, especially when I have done something (I do not always) that pleases her.

She happily said, “Now there is something to write about.” And so I have, to share with all of you, my friends and fans, the happy ending tale of our unexpected early morning visitor. Loving earth mother that my wife is, her last words to me before she began her walk were , “I hope he is alright.” I hope so too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

P.S. In all the excitement of our little visitor’s brief stay we did not exchange names or stop for pictures and so I spent more time trying to find a close picture to attach to this bog than I even did writing it. Our visitor was far prettier than the picture and in too big a hurry to get back to his life to sit still for a portrait. My hope is that he lives long and prospers, and that all of you do as well, as Star Trek’s Mr. Spock would say.

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