Our True Power Lies Within

Blog 1680 – 04.27.2020

Our True Power Lies Within

What sad little victim lives we live when we believe that the important things are all outside, that things or forces outside of us, others, or fate rule and control us. As today’s title summarizes, I think that the true power lies within. Our hearts and our minds contain all thought and our thoughts become things. Knowingly or unwittingly we create the world in which we live. It is only misperception to think otherwise. The wise words of a persecutor transformed into a promoter come to mind:

I was about to say that if you like you can leave God out of it but it is my belief that you, I, we, are God, Gods, God’s, so that is quite impossible to ever really leave God out of anything, only to mistake that we have or ever could. When the Creator in the Genesis creation story says of all He created, “It is good” and in the middle of the New Testament it is written that, “All things work together for good” how can we believe that our creations however masked and misunderstood could be any less so.

We can and should own the world we have created and if it does not please us transform it to the image of that heaven with in us. The book again, Jesus words to the Sadducees who did not believe in heaven (as many do not today) and to the Pharisees who believed in heaven but that only a chosen few, themselves mostly, got to go there (also believed by some today.) Anyway, Jesus said to them all and to us today as well: “The kingdom of heaven is within you.”

Far be it from me to put words in Paul’s, Jesus’s, or anyone else’s mouth but someone has put the kingdom of heaven within us and I think we had quite an hand in that too. I have written more than once that we should never give up our power to anyone else but it is also important to know where that power really resides. Technological, political, and financial power seem to all loom so large but they are puny compared to the power within us as is that pie in the sky sweet by and by heaven that many hope for is but a dim shadow compared to the true heaven that abides within us all.

Instead of allowing this world to slap, tap, and wrap us up in a neat little package or shell we should tap into the power within us and expand our world view our heavenly view outward. The egg shell is shaped oval to be harder to break from without but is easily cracked from within.

Have a heavenly Monday and everyday, Everybody. Crazy Dave, you really crack me up.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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