Waiting For The World To Change

Blog 1647 – 03.26.2020

Waiting For The World To Change

There was another song some years ago that said, “I keep on waiting, waiting, waiting for the world to change.” But the world, the Universe, is a true lady and gentleman and says, “You first.” As wrong as I have come to believe it is for us to try change someone else, especially those we love, I believe it is imperative, that if we want to ever see a better world that we change our minds, change ourselves. The young people used to say at the end of the last century, “Change your mind and the rest will follow.” I believe that they got that one right.

There have been some great lies too, and as one famous pitch man from the first half of the last century purportedly said, “The bigger the lie you tell, the more people will believe it.” The lies of “shortage”, “original sin” and “separation” are indeed biggies and sadly by too many believed but one of the biggest and most believed lies is “In this world you cannot change.” I have watched one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump” many times and I can still hear those lyrics ringing in my ears from the movie.

If you want something to slip passed those rational guardians of the mind and more easily take hold in the subconscious, the seat of most of our strongest held beliefs, put those words to a catchy tune. Advertisers have known that for years and have sold many things even death and poison hand over fist to people by filling their desire centers with jingles like, “Winston takes Good like a cigarette should”, “One puff and it’s springtime” and the like. It is no recent scientific discovery that cigarette smoking is bad for your health (Though pretty women still look so sexy smoking them.” They are life shorteners, killers, and torturers, and in most if not all cases the body itself tries to warn us, with a serious coughing fit the first big draw we take, that cigarette smoke was never meant to be inhaled. Tobacco and syphilis were, some think, revenge gifts sent back to the Old World for the invaders’ mistreatment of the people of the New World. Tobacco has ravished and continues to far more lives than the latter.

Cigarette manufacturers once believed that they would always have a huge market for their products in the U.S., as many of us did, but sales of cigarettes are way down in the States. In one of my recent favorite movies, Yesterday, the writers envision a world where cigarette smoking, the Beatles, and Coca Cola were never even a thing. Incredible, all three, to my Baby Boomer generation, but times do indeed change, and people too, sometimes even for the better.

I guess that I took the long way around the Mulberry bush, my usual modus operandi, to say if you are waiting on the world to change that you have only to discard one belief that is no longer serving you to accomplish that. Actually that is way easier than one might think. After all Winston never really did taste good for anyone, at least not till a lot of smoking numbed their taste buds and smell sensors, and springtime is about the smells of newly alive pretty flowers and green grass and leaves not the burning and inhaling of dead, dry, brown ones even neatly wrapped in pretty white paper. Quite the easy sell job, that big lie was, but aren’t they all till we change our minds and begin to question things like “progress” and “profit” without first counting the cost.

Just a little food for thought, and with obesity and morbid obesity numbers rising especially in this country, we should maybe think about changing our minds some about what and how much food we consume too. If that does not seem a very encouraging word to anyone it is certainly meant to be. The biggest, best changes, in the world must always first begin with me.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
“Done quit preaching and gone to meddling’,”
David White

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