Blog 1646 – 03.25.2020


One of what I consider to be the best dad-son movies of all time is 2000’s, Frequency, with Dennis Quaid and Jim Caviezel. The title, Frequency, comes from the movie plot devise which is identical solar flare caused aurora borealis incidents in October of 1969 and in October of 1999 that connect a father and son across thirty years for several nights of truly magical conversations over a ham radio set that changes the past and future for both of them. It is a fanciful story but though the premise is pure fiction the emotions and feelings portrayed are quite real.

It is a wonderful story, and if you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to see it, and if you have seen it, to see it again. I have watched it at least once a year, usually around Father’s Day, since I first saw it in a movie theater with my wife and then nine year old son, Jonathan, when it came out twenty years ago. So last century, you might be thinking, but many things hold up well and this movie, to me, is definitely one of them.

At the end of the movie, one of my favorite songs, When You Come Back To Me Again, by Garth Brooks plays. It fits so perfectly that you might assume it was written for the movie. And it was, though Garth said it was written in part due to the death of his Mom as she was to him, as many mothers and fathers are to most of us, an important light house in his life. Here is my karaoke cover version of the song:

When You Come Back To Me Again

The great lesson in the movie and the song to me is that though we often feel trapped in our own lives because of what we believed has happened to us, the truth is that we are the authors of our own stories and that when we get the frequency right we can indeed be about “changing all there is and used to be” instead of just winging it on a song and a prayer.

I am wishing each and all of you good vibrations. My wife and I hope to see the Aurora Borealis, Paris and many other things together before this adventure is over but whether we do or not I hope we stay tuned to a similar frequency and enjoy all the marvelous things ahead not just all those precious past programs. It is a temptation not just to the aged to live in the past. Today is the day, and as even dear slow learning Scarlett realized, “Tomorrow is another day.” It is indeed always good to have something to look forward to.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Coming back to you again and again

With the encouraging word,

David White

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