Don’t Make Me Laugh.”

Blog 1644 – 03.23.2020

“Don’t Make Me Laugh.”

When asked what she, such an attractive woman, saw in her short and not so a handsome man, the lovely Anne Bancroft said of her funny man long-time spouse, Mel Brooks, “He makes me laugh.” If a smile makes us more attractive, and we know it does, how much more appreciated is this gift of making others smile and laugh. It is the books I read, the songs I hear, the movies I see, and the people I meet that make me smile and laugh that I most enjoy spending time with. I think that is true of us all. Oh, and love makes exceptions for loved ones who are troubled, ill, or in pain and still sticks around, but the rule is: “If you want to be loved by anyone especially or a lot of people, make them smile, make them laugh.”

During this time of sticking close to home and trying to maintain social distance to help prevent the more rapid spread of the Novel Coronavirus COVID 19, yesterday I rewatched a very favorite movie of mine, Just Like Heaven, with Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo. It is, like many of my favorite movies, a romantic comedy, but this one has more than a few interesting twists. Mark’s character is having a very difficult time getting passed the untimely death of his young wife Laura and strange circumstances lead him to rent the apartment of a young lady doctor who is in a comma after a terrible automobile accident.

Reese’s character Lizzie’s spirit is haunting her apartment trying to out the man she thinks is squatting there. I won’t tell you the whole story but my favorite line in the movie is delivered by Jack, Mark’s character David’s buddy, as they are wheeling comma girl’s body down the hospital hall with a portable respirator, trying to save her from being unplugged. David says to Jack, “Why are you going along with all this so easily?” and Jack responds, “One of these days, I am pretty sure, I am going to need your help moving a body and I don’t want to hear any crap out of you.” Even thinking of that line in that situation always brings a smile, a laugh, and a tear.

The Cure song, Just Like Heaven, plays in the background of the movie as it unfolds and during the credits and I share here the first words of the song:

Today’s title “Don’t Make Me Laugh” is a line people say but seldom ever really mean for little is more encouraging or welcome most times than a good laugh. Deep and lasting relationships are built on them. A dear friend, who has experienced more than her share of trouble and tragedy in this life, good times too, more than a few, told me once something I try to always remember, “It is better to laugh than to cry.” I enjoy a good cry as much as the next girl or guy but it is so much more fun to laugh.

Today and every day, I wish you all, my friends, lots of laughs, and more tears of joy than the other kind.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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