Written On The Bottom Of Your Heart Like Woody’s Boot

Blog 1644 – 03.23.2020

Written On The Bottom Of Your Heart Like Woody’s Boot

People who do not love you, do not really know you, and if you do not love yourself or others, you do not know who you really are or who God is. God, the Bible tells us, if often the message is a bit garbled and convoluted, is love. And even less clearly and straight forwarding that we are He/She/It. Reminds you a bit of the ole childhood game, “Tag, You’re It.”

One of then nineteen-sixties’ teenaged heart throbs, Bobby Vinton’s greatest hits says, “To know, know, know you, is to love, love, love you. And I do, and I do, yes I do” beating even Jesus’s “Truly, truly by one. The urban legend is that if you say Candyman three times you die. But, I believe, if you say “ I love, I am loved, I Am Love” three times and believe it that you really begin to live.

Many of my now over sixteen hundred blogs have a similar theme that I like to call, “Knowing Who and Whose You Are.” It is one if not the most important piece of information that we can acquire in this or any life. There are countless stories of adopted children who when they grow up spend much of their time and money trying to find out who their birth parents were. Even when they have life-long loving and caring adoptive parent that they would never wish to hurt or replace, there is yet a deep enduring longing in each of them and all of us to know who we are, where we came from, and whose we are. In one of those obscure and often over looked Bible passages the answer to our question is given in three small words, “Ye are gods.” And if you put an apostrophe and S on the last of the those three words you have two thirds of the answers to the three questions “Who, Where From & Whose” with the Where From being quite obvious when the answers to Who and Whose are clearly known. Almost everything becomes a lot clearer when we know Who and Whose we truly are.

Here, don’t take my word alone for it, listen to and read Bobby’s. Just Google “to know you is to love you, Bobby Vinton.” This is what you’ll find. Here, I have done it for you:

Bobby Vinton – To Know You Is To Love You (1969)

I have said it before and will say it again, “From God’s lips to your ears.”

Your friend, fellow traveler,
Close relation and fellow deity –
David White

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