A Real World Code

Blog 1624 – 03.01.2020

A Real World Code

Is the real world all that we see
Or behind the painted scenery?
Is there a greater world possibly
Bigger than we believe it to be?

All beliefs are limiting like painted scenery. They represent some aspect of the Universe but can never capture it entirely. Still as long as they serve us, beliefs can be helpful. When they cease to serve us and we choose to hang on to them anyway that is when our world grows smaller and smaller till we are prisoners in tiny colored boxes of ticky-tacky like the song says, separated and secluded from the bigger, wider, more wonderful world. Fearful limiting beliefs teach us to fear others, the wider world, and even ourselves.

Where did all these limiting beliefs come from? In our Western culture they began with the story of original sin, about a delicious looking apple (piece of fruit) eaten and a silly senseless rule broken because a young couple was afraid that there was one thing they should not even consider doing but they did it anyway and then they were even more afraid. Perfect love we are told casts out fear, but the whole true be told fear was and is always a belief, better let go of, or best not taken up at all.

Our longest serving President of the United States wisely said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” Fear was the first limiting belief, fear of offending God, fear of knowledge (the erroneous belief that there are somethings we could not, should not know.) This fear flies in the face of a clear word that says, “Call unto me and I will answer you and show you great and mighty things that you know not.”

For generations we have even in this country believed, most of us, that education is the great key to a better brighter future for all, while also practicing the fearful and limiting belief that it is only for the favored few. Public education is underfunded like never before with even the federal and state governments supporting the siphoning of those funds to sponsor private schools for the privileged, depriving the poor in many cases of their last best hope of rising out of poverty, accessible education.

Believing we are better or more deserving than anyone else, chosen, is a limiting belief almost as old as the first one, that we could chose to be someone other that Who and Whose we truly are. On this day when many choose to separate themselves from others and honor their many various beliefs, I chose to focus on the Second of the Ten Intentions for a Better World listed above which are ten ideas I hold to. (This choice does not make me better or wiser than anyone but it does serve me and makes me, I think, happier than the average bear, Boo Boo.)

An idea is less difficult to discard than belief, as new and better information can more easily come through helping us to modify our thinking. Beliefs are filters through which any new big ideas find it hard to pass. To simply say, “Just open up your heart and mind” is really not enough. We cannot really grow beyond our self limiting beliefs until we are ready to let them go.

We have all grown up with belief systems imposed upon us by our cultures, family, friends, teachers, preachers, and politicians. But we alone continue to choose to believe what we do. As I said already as long as those beliefs are serving us that is a good thing but holding on to them when they no longer do is bad for not just us but also for everyone else.

My advice to all even myself is to love Truth enough to let go of anything that hinders me from seeing all there is to see and know. Much as I too may enjoy the painted scenery, there is a richer, wider, more wonderful world beyond it.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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