Our Thoughts And Words, Like Magic Spells

Blog 1623 – 02.29.2020

Our Thoughts And Words, Like Magic Spells

Words Are Indeed Powerful Things

Words, indeed are important things
Telegraphing thoughts and dreams
Before book, play, song takes wings
We think, speak beyond what seems.

Words are indeed powerful, like magic, incantations creating out of seemingly thin air, great marvels. That is not to say, thank goodness, that all our words come true just as we say them or that all our thoughts are all creative. The Bible says that in the beginning God said to the empty darkness, “Let there be light.” Our enlightened minds learn at a early age how to get our mouths fed and bodies cared for – we cry out for it till what we want appears. How quickly we forget what works with everyone including ourselves trying to stifle and shush us. We learn the words to give shape to our thoughts but soon forget to trust the magic that makes both come true. Jesus and his followers say a lot about faith, much of it hidden or garbled, down through the years. Of the several lines still quite clear that came down to us is, “Ask what so ever you will believing and you shall receive.” How that works is like my own daily mantra says, “I am so glad and grateful that everything I could ever want or need is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.” A magic spell, not really, just the sure and certain recognition that everything I could ever need or want is in me waiting for the appropriate time to reveal itself. The reason that we are told when we ask to give thanks as if we had already received is because everything is truly already ours and has always been. Faith and gratitude are the switches that merely turn on the lights to reveal to us Who and Whose we are and all that is ours.

Some would say, “Be careful what you wish for” or “Use your words carefully.” All of us have dreamed, thought, and said things we hope do not come true – and they only will if we really want them to.) But, I say, caution to the wind, see, say, think wide, experience it all. Contrary to the legends, all spells can be reversed, all thoughts, re-thunk, all words, re-said or better spoken. Like babies we get better and more skilled at making the world around us all we want it to be and better at using our words not from shutting up but speaking out.

All thoughts and words to the contrary this is our Father/Mother’s world and therefore ours to shape as we wish. You have not just mine but their agreed upon word on it, and that of recent angel awarded her wings, Louise Hay.

Your friend and fellow traveler,
David White

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