Blog 1610 – 02.15.2020


I hope you did something special for your Sweetheart yesterday. In lieu of a big box of candy and flowers I gave the love of my life, my wife, a large copy of the painting pictured above to hang in the den as a reminder to her, especially while I am away working to pay off all our bills and actually retire someday, of my promise to take her to Paris before this adventure is over for one or both of us. It is a promise that I made long ago but still intend to keep.

I happen to believe that our intentions when lovingly sown and watered like flower seeds blossom and come true. Thirty-two years ago, my Linda and I, celebrated our first Valentines Day together. We have missed getting to be together a few of those along the way, and have had our disagreements about many things, I must say. But, the promises though stretched, and by both at times bent if not broken, still held true, especially the simplest, truest of them all – “I will always love you.”

In the painting, we are the couple side by side, in the rain, under the red umbrella, beneath the Eiffel Tower. Next Valentines Day I intend to get her a big red umbrella and a spring two years hence, take her for a walk beneath it in Paree. It is a definite and specific promise that I intend to keep. Check this blog throughout the spring of 2022 to see if the encouraging word guy is not true to his word.

As I already said, I hope you did something special for your Sweetheart yesterday. Loving someone opens us up to life in a way that helps make us glad and grateful to be alive. And whether together under a red umbrella in Paris, walking a sandy beach in Galveston, or strolling through the beautiful streets of Boston, Bemidji, Bloomington, or Santa Fe, a Sweetheart’s loving attention and best intentions do brighten everyday.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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