Half The Country Is Fooled, But Which Half?

Blog 1604 – 02.09.2020

Half The Country Is Fooled, But Which Half?

Politics is one of those three subjects where even angels fear to tread. The other two being sex and religion. But being no angel, myself, I often write of the other two and at least allude to this third one. Our beliefs that hold us as virtual prisoners can also set us free just as easily by our simply opening up our eyes and minds to a different take on the things that we seem the most sure of. They are all just opinions, everyone, but when we carve them in stone as those famous or infamous Ten Shall Nots, they become to the former “rules to live by” and to the latter “Ten more reasons not to believe in any religion.”

Politics is religion to many people these days and religion causes people to believe and do crazy things. Not so long ago electing a divorced person was cause for pause. Gerald Ford, though an unelected President or even Vice President was I think the first to even be married to a women having another living former husband. But those were beliefs that were getting harder for even religious people to hold on to, their choices becoming fewer and fewer. But to believe that a reality show huckster, admitted and even boastful “grabber”, supposed successful billionaire (the real reason he will not let us see his tax returns) has the greater good of his country and the little people ahead of own his super ego and insatiable need to promote himself is, to me, the height of credulity (gullibility). And, yes, I know anyone running for President would have to have a pretty big ego but hopefully a few scruples too.

My money is on the young current mayor of South Bend, Indiana. His name is perhaps a bit different, but then so was Barrack Obama, yet many of us still believe that he, if not the best, was a classy, intelligent, and genuinely caring person in the White House, who was still trying to unite us even when the Republican controlled Senate refused to take up his Supreme Court nominee, almost the same group who, except for Mitt Romney, a true hero like John McCain, voted to acquit the most obviously guilty of the three Presidents ever impeached, in my opinion. And, yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinions but not to disregard the facts and call anything that does not suit them “fake news.” Enough of the facts have come out and more will continue to. There just are not enough fingers to plug that leaky dam indefinitely. How I hope this time next year we in the U.S. have a new and a better President, leading us back to and forward to making America truly great again. I think Pete Buttigieg is the best and most viable choice to lead us at this juncture. We shall see if the Democratic primary voters agree. I’d vote even yet for an old white guy if Mark Twain were still alive to run but he is not so I am hoping we give a younger and perhaps less jaded guy a chance and maybe even put a strong young woman on the ticket too.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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