Being A Good Neighbor

Blog 1529 – 11.25.2019

Being A Good Neighbor

Yesterday, I saw Tom Hanks new movie portrayal of Mister Rogers called, “A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood.” I was already a young man before Mister Rogers launched his PBS children’s program in 1969 so I was not an early fan of his work but in the last several years and after his death I have really come to appreciate his life and contributions. His stated goal was to provide something positive in the lives of children to make everyone aware that he could that they were loved and accepted just as they are. He had the ability to see the good in everyone he met not just children. I hope you will see the movie. It will touch your heart as it did mine.

Jesus told many stories to illustrate the power and responsibility of love to be a good neighbor. One such story recounted often in Christian circles is the story of the Good Samaritan, who after several people had passed by the robbed, beaten, and left for dead Jew on the highway stopped, cared for him, and left him in the care of an inn keeper, paying for his continued recovery. Jesus asked the listeners, “Who was a neighbor to this man?” The answer was and is obvious.

It’s A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood, the theme song of Mister Rogers show and name of the movie was the theme of Fred Rogers’ life and what he wanted to share with children everywhere. Fred was no saint, no perfect man, and though stories were spread of him being a Great War II hero, I in ignorance spread them once or twice too, they were not so. He was just a man, in his own way trying to be a good neighbor, and to teach children and adults how to channel their emotions in ways that made their own lives happier and more fulfilled.

Enjoy the full range of you emotions, Neighbor, for they not only remind us who we are but guide us to the highest and best neighborhood, filled with our friends and fellow neighbors who appreciate us and we them just the way we are, free of judgement and condemnation this wonderful and beautiful neighborhood.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Fan of Fred Rogers and you, Neighbor,

David White

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