Changing The Direction Of Our Lives Is Simple

Blog 1528 – 11.24.2019

Changing The Direction Of Our Lives Is Simple

I believe that we, no one else but ourselves, dictate the direction of our life. Oh, I admit the illusions otherwise are often quite powerful and that we are tempted to believe that other people or things, mountain or mole-hill sized problems or obstacles in our way or even some terribly angry God or Devil has it out for us and will not let us be successful or happy for long. But the truth is that we choose what to focus our thoughts on, what to invest our emotions in, and our efforts into. We are the masters of our fate, the authors of all we survey.

If we really want our lives to go in a different direction we first need to change our thinking. Oh, and I know ego will object, ours and the egos of others and give us long lists of things we must do first to straighten up our lives and prepare for a better one but those are all just delaying tactics to prevent us from living the highest and best versions of our lives today, the only day we have. Our lives begins and never end when we think the most important thought. You might phrase it to suit yourself but I like to put it this way:

“I am glad and grateful that everything I could ever need or want is already mine and coming to me at just the right time and in just the right way from my loving and infinite source.”

What and Who is that loving and infinite source that knows me so well and is ever ready to give me anything and everything I need and want at just the right time and in just the right way? Why, it is Big Ole Me, of course, my Higher and Best Self. Some call that God, by a host of different names but my favorite name for my loving source is the Universe – Me, for it speaks to the truth about Oneness and All-Inclusiveness – “God, the Universe, is All In All. It really is all about Me. There simply is nothing apart from or besides the Divine-Self. Satan/ego is only a time and space based man-made illusion.

Even in one of our earliest stories it is recorded, “In the beginning God…” and a later writer wrote, “In the beginning was the Word…” But before there was a God or a word there was a thought. The thinker is always God and thoughts always become things. Our lives however convoluted or confusing are created by our thoughts and with a new thought in place of a past thought we can turn our life on a dime, just that quick, when we invest that thought with the same emotion and action that we gave to those past thoughts that brought us to the place we are today. For many years I tried to believe the things many Christians believe but came to realize that many of those beliefs did not and do not really work for me or serve me. Beliefs are thoughts invested with emotion that we filter our life experience through.

We used to sing, “All things are possible, only believe.” But the reality is that only what we believe seems possible so when we come up against a stump we often only need to discard some hindering belief and think a new thought to move passed it.

Happily many even religious and political people have and continue to open up theirs hearts and minds to new thoughts, ideas, and beliefs. Yet, many are trapped in religious and political dogmas that prevent them from seeing newer, better, and brighter possibilities.

I site the seeming sincere, if to some, like myself, silly belief in a zombie eclipse. The whole notion of zombies was invented by one group who want others to be suspect of and to total reject those of a particular Caribbean culture. But the Haitian Zombies and Voo Doo like many other debunked conspiracy theories still thrive because many people continue in the face of all the evidence to hold on to beliefs that only serve to widen the rifts between us and do not serve us to be better in any real way.

Want to hear a few more:

“Getting drunk is better than getting high.

White is superior to the darker shades.

We are right, everyone else is wrong.

We know better than all the rest.”

The list of silly outmoded beliefs goes on and on.

If your life is not what you want it to be just discard one no longer serving belief and think another thought. Here’s to a better brighter world.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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