Road Trips

Blog 1521 – 11.17.2019

Road Trips

Yesterday, my wife and I had a wonderful road trip from Bloomington, Indiana to Cincinnati, Ohio. We drove this way to meet and spend some time with our son, Jonathan, who flew into the city from Houston late Friday evening to do some computer training to accountants in his firm on Monday. He came in early just so he could spend some time with us. We so love that young man.

Linda and I both also love road trips and have logged more than our share over the years. For a long time most of our road trips were back and forth from Houston where we both went to college and stayed afterwards, to our parents homes in South Carolina and Tennessee respectively. But somewhere along the line we also started to include road trip vacations in other directions. Several of these were built around, like this one to see Jon, business or training trips that one or the other of us had to make. That was how we came to see Orlando, Boston, and Seattle together. We enjoyed those trips so much that we decided to alternate our vacation drives home with other different direction vacations like to Las Vegas, to Mount Rushmore, to Saint Louis, and to New Orleans.

Since I have been working on the road full time since 2012 Linda has driven to see me in Wyoming, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, and Alabama. On one of our most romantic and special rendezvous we met in the middle in wonderful Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Linda loves to play slots, I not so much, but we have visited casinos in Vegas, Atlantic City, Deadwood, South Dakota and all across the country. We have made special memories everywhere and yesterday and today we add some memories of good times spent together in Cincinnati to our mental scrapbooks. We have shared the road together now for over thirty years and I hope we get to share this road trip for at least another thirty more years or a million more miles which ever comes last.

Happy motoring and happy trails to you all.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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