Little Conversations

Blog 1513 – 11.09.2019

Little Conversations

Life is too full of little conversations. Little minds seem to so enjoy trying to belittle others, thinking that makes themselves look bigger, more important. It does not, it only reveals to all how truly small that they think themselves to be. Notice I did not say they are small people. None are in my estimation nor that of the Universe’s, for we are One the same – divine and sharing but One mind. But in the jungles of time and space we often lose track of Who and Whose we are and ego confuses us with herself/himself instead of our true higher self that he/she loathes and is ever fearful of our finding out just Who and Whose we truly are.

Sitting in judgement or condemnation of others is above our pay grade. I do not think even the Supreme creator, we are creators too, sits in judgement of His/Her creation for one source says that Her/His comment on completing the first phase of creating this world through peopling it was, “It is good.” He/She ought to know for there is nothing in all of the Universe outside of this Good God. If there were, what would it be made of or by whom for God is all there is, the whole enchilada.

This last picture quote reveals one of ego’s most used tools when he/she knows the debate, the argument, is lost. We see it done almost daily in politics, religion, and social media. Claims of corruption, treason, false news, can never change the truth and the truth will out. As the old saying goes: “You cannot do wrong and get by, no matter how hard you may try.”

It makes no sense to argue with ego, your own or anyone else’s. The truth has legs of its own and will stand all assaults. People in this country once believe it was okay to own and misuse other people, that they were “better” than others, some still do. But they were wrong then and they are still wrong today. You cannot put a price tag on the worth of one person, might as well try to sell God by the pound.

If you find yourself talking about people be sure to season that conversation with lots of “my brothers” and “my sisters” that will keep it true and above board.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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