Wanna Be Wise? Just Listen

Blog 1512 – 11.08.2019

Wanna Be Wise? Just Listen

The wise critter in today’s picture is “all ears.” That is the best way to become and stay wise. It is hard to overestimate the educational valve of just listening. Add to that watching and just paying attention and you will hands down soon be the smartest person in any room, be that classroom or boardroom.

Not only will you grow wise but as it was said of Jesus you will grow in favor with God and man. Nothing endears you to others quite like taking the time to listen. It is the highest compliment, greatest act of true worship, and if you learn to do it well you will soon learn that every voice is the voice of God spouting pearls of wisdom. Each of us has learned some, in many cases hard won, lessons and we are anxious to share them but few take the time to listen. Our time and attention is the greatest gift that we can offer anyone and they cannot help but love us for it, because love responds to love and nothing says I love you like listening.

I could go on and on about how important it is to learn the art of listening. There is no end to what we might learn and continue to throughout this life or maybe even many lives if we practice this learned skill. If I have anything to write, sing, or read about it is because I listened and continue to. I suppose two of the best prerequisites to listening are stillness and quiet, two things many of us have the most troubling making time for or finding time for in our too busy lives. However even amid all the clatter, noise, multitude of opinions, and many voices one message comes through, if not loud, still crystal clear, “Listen, to love and to be, that is why you are here, and to enjoy it all.”

Your friend and fellow traveler.

Practiced listener,

David White

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