Blog 1501 – 10.28.2019


Today on my fifteen hundred and first encouraging word blog the word I choose is choice. Someone has said the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was getting people to believe that he does not exist. I no longer believe that the Devil exists or even that he ever did. Does that mean that I have been deceived by a Devil’s trick? I do not think so, far from it. I believe in me, in you, in the Universe. I believe that you and I, everyone has a higher, best self. Call that me, all that you, or call that God if you choose. That me, that you, that God is all that is truly real. Everything we see, smell, taste or touch, including ourselves, is only some reflected facet of that One Self. What of all the evidence of an almost equal evil Devil then you may ask. I believe all that troubling evidence of evil incarnate and trouble in paradise stems from a creature that man himself/herself made in a foolish effort to have a choice other than to follow the dictates of the higher self, God. The name of that puny little pretender to the throne is ego.

The best most complete picture of this mythical person call by many names, Lucifer, Morningstar, the Devil, and Satan being but a few, comes not from the Bible but a long poem by John Milton called Paradise Lost. I have written often that the literal meaning of the word translated Satan is “accuser of the brethren.” Jesus called Simon Peter, arguably his right-hand-man, Satan once. Peter objected to Jesus’ plan to head into Jerusalem where he most certainly would be captured and killed. Peter cried out, “May it never be, Lord.” And Jesus castigated him saying, in so many words, You are not listening to your higher self but your own puny ego. The actual words in the King James Version of the Bible are: “Get thee behind me Satan, for thou savorest not the things of God but of man.”

That picture in Paradise Lost has the leader of the fallen angels who supposedly rebelled against God, a very far fetched and fanciful story, being defeated by God and the “good guys” and being cast out of heaven, down to hell, another mythical place, in my mind. From this awful unreal place of exclusion from God, an impossible thing I might add, the fallen leader angrily shakes his fist at heaven and proclaims, “I would rather reign in hell than serve in heaven.”

That is a picture of ego to a tee. That is the little me, the mini-me, trying to exercise a false choice to be someone that I am not and could never ever truly be. Do not get me wrong, I do believe that this time/space jungle offers us the choice to play any role we choose, we can play them all, as many have through countless incarnations. But playing a role, even a “bad guy” does not change who we really are. We are collectively and uniquely “as He was in this world” we are at the same time human and divine, God on a lark, a stroll in the park, or as the profound but wonderfully funny movie, Dogma, puts it, we are God on a sabbatical playing Skee Ball on the New Jersey coast or doing wherever, whatever, we please, experiencing it all.

You see I believe that is what all these wonderful, or not so, adventures we call lives are all about – choice. He, She, We created this time and space world so that it would be possible for us to play out any scenario we choose and believe you me, Choosey, we have picked some doozies. Having fun yet? That is always completely your choice and up to you.

You friend and fellow traveler,

With today’s encouraging word – Choice,

David White

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