Backside To Mouth

Blog 1497 – 10.24.2019

Backside To Mouth

A few days ago I blogged about my pick-up truck getting her backside fixed, well yesterday I got my mouth fixed. Ass to mouth, though perhaps not a topic for Sunday school class or children’s books is nevertheless sometimes discussed among some adults. I will not go there, but I hope I got your attention.

It is amazing to me that dentists and dental hygienist make their living in other people’s mouths. That would be, for me, a kind of creepy job, fourth only my long list of creepy jobs behind urologist, gynecologist, and proctologist. Sheesh. But, then they are professions that are needed and pay well. We should be willing to pay more and do for jobs we would not like to do ourselves like plumbers, (often up to their elbows in other people’s, well) heating & air conditioning people (in our super heated attics) and garbage collection and disposal people (who clean up after us) and a host of other service jobs.

I have yet to find a subject that I could not find an encouraging word about. I do not believe in dirty words, dirty minds, or taboo subjects. Inquiring, inquisitive minds want to know and banning books and making things “forbidden” make them only more attractive not less. Prohibition greatly increased the liquor trade, the opposite of what the “blue noses” hoped to accomplish. Sneaking to do things thought dirty or illegal only increases the chance of early addiction. Secrets always come out, but not till after causing only more complications and problems.

My tooth had to come out. It was hurting me and unrepairable. But thanks to two crowns and a bridge I am all smiles again and my tongue does not miss that gap or being inadvertently bitten as I tried to chew only on the opposite side to protect the temporary crowns. I have even decided to quit my life-long joyous habit of chewing ice to help make my new dental work last as long as possible, hopefully thirty-one years and about a month at least.

Check back with me on my one hundredth birthday to see if I followed through on that intention, November 22nd, 2050.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Birthday boy, day two of my month long celebration of my sexy birthday, number 69,

David White

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