The Nastiest Curse Word

Blog 1464 – 09.21.2019

The Nastiest Curse Word

The dirtiest cuss word does not as many men believe start with the letter F, it does however start with C, as many women think, but is not the one many girls would name as this four letter word has an apostrophe. The dirtiest and nastiest word in the English language is, CAN’T.

Usually, I no longer have a problem with cuss or curse words, in fact, I find the F word most expressive and like no other for it can be used as an action verb (an action even detractors of the word must admit they often find quite fun), a noun, an adverb, an adjective, and for some people, a favorite exclamation. Use it sparingly for emphasis or expansively to color your language, it can be a handy tool pulled from many a speaker and writer’s tool box. But The C word is a word I have really come to loath whether I hear myself or someone else saying, “I can’t.”

You and I can do all things so we should please refrain from using the King/Queen Mother curse word, Can’t, for we CAN do all things. The verse that says so in the New Testament of the Bible is:

“I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me.”

I long believed the narrow Christian interpretation of those words and missed the bigger meaning of the verse. What, I believe, to be the highest, best, and most complete interpretation of those words would better read like the following:

“I can do all things through the Christ principle that is alive in me, in everyone, and in every thing.”

The word Christ literally means “anointed.” That we are all royal deities by birth is, I think, it’s deepest meaning. Jesus came not to be worshipped singularly as Christians believe but to remind us that we are all God’s beloved children, loved and sent into this world as he was so that God, Him/Herself, could live out every possible variation of incarnation. That is Who and Whose we are and therefore even to utter that we “can’t” is a ridiculous assumption.

I did not come into this world primarily to become a well-known poet, speaker, writer, or singer/songwriter but I am working on all four of those as well as some other things i.e. student, teacher, rich man, Indian Chief… However, my primary mission is and has always been the same as yours, the same as Jesus’, the same as everybody’s – to be a bright shining light in a sometimes foggy if not sometimes dark world of time and space, and doing so to help reveal the truth to all about Who and Whose we really are and that we are always welcome, wanted, and needed at Home any time we are ready to go, Mother/Father said so.

You and I love and are loved not because of what we or anyone says, or has said, does, or has done, but because of Who and Whose we are. Stop your “can’t-cursing”, you can do this. That is why you came here, to do what others might think impossible, to love the seemingly unloveable in yourself and others and to be loved by all your brothers and sisters who have already awakened to Who they too truly are. You can do all things, anything, and everything you want to do, even though it may take a multitude of lives to get it all done. Have at it.

Can’t indeed, why that is just so absurd.

The Little Engine That Could

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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