A Tribute To You

Blog 1463 – 09.20.2019

A Tribute To You

Yes, I could write a tribute to you for knowing Who and Whose I am, I also know Who and Whose you are. So I can say and mean it, 173, which stands for “I Worship You.” Monotheists and Pantheists should or could agree with me, God Is One and is also All In All – He/She/We.

I love the greeting “Namaste” for one of its meanings is, “I bow to the divinity in you.” That, my friends is how we should treat everyone and every thing, even ourselves, caringly, lovingly, and worshipfully. One of the New Testament writers admonished everyone to treat kindly all they meet specially for in his words, “Many have entertained angels unawares.” As I child I always smiled at that because it sounded like they were talking about angel’s underwear and having spent many hours perusing the Sears & Roebuck catalog even at ten years old I was an expert on female angel’s undergarments.

The Psalmist wrote for but a little while we were created lower than the angels but to be exalted over them. So to call you an angel would be in one sense at least a demotion, oh divine one. Be reminded always Who and Whose you truly are, and give honor and reverence wherever it is due, be that Mother Earth, Father Sky, or equally Divine others like me, you, and all others too. Godlike Love is all around us. It’s everywhere we go. I salute the deity in you.

Your friend, fellow traveler,

And fellow deity,

David White

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