Shall We Do Wrong That Good May Come?

Blog 1461 – 09.18.2019

Shall We Do Wrong That Good May Come?

That good does sometimes come of thoughts and actions that might be thought by some as bad is a reality of this space-time jungle. This, in my mind, more than anything else proves that the guilt religions have it all wrong. The desire of the prime cause, the creatrix, as my morning Note From The Universe says is that the one of all the ye-ha(s) of all who-ha(s), and of all the ah ha(s) created, that God wanted most to be like is you (me).

Instead of trying to make Jesus or any of us into a one-size-fits all Messiah, Perfect Example, Child of God, we would do better to start the other way around seeing the highest and best in ourselves and others but also marveling as well that God is also in and blesses all the rest, the whole mess. How often what we deem bad, messed-up, broken, in His/Her eyes is wonderful and was perhaps always the center piece of Her/His whole plan for us.

Not just history but the Bible too was written from the winner’s perspective but I have a sneaking suspicion that God Almighty is and has always been rooting for the underdogs. I love and use often Jesus remark about the harlots (whores) and publicans (cheaters) being at the first of the line to enter heaven. Other great lines like, “Bless are the poor, and bless are the meek” draw a sharp contrast between Jesus’ message and the popular favored pretty people and prosperity Gospel of today. It seems the church that professes to be his bride is enamored with celebrities, the politically powerful, and rich who use and abuse women, the poor, the marginalized and yet expect as their due continual praise and appointment, election, and re-election to high office.

The Rascal-In-Chief even bragged before he was elected that he could shoot someone in the middle of New York City and his numbers would still go up. His appointed Chief-Justice-Rascal swore on the Bible that he never got drunk or abused girls in high school or college though his classmates, guys and girls, say he did. It seems that to brag, brag, brag, then deny, deny, deny, and lie, lie, lie is the political strategy that wins even the “church” vote these days.

One of the New Testament Bible writers first penned today’s title question “Shall we do wrong…” indeed we shall, all have, do, and continue to, inadvertently and often on purpose. Will any good come of it. I cannot help but hope so. I saw the movie, The Goldfinch, this past weekend. I especially love the ending and the handsome young man who made a very good case for, “Yes, good often comes from even our baddest.” One last Bible verse that I think supports the same conclusion: “All things work together for good…” (Not just the “good” stuff.)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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