The Sun Does Not Know It Is A Star

Blog 1460 – 09.17.2019

The Sun Does Not Know It Is A Star

It just shines, all the more reason knowing that you are Love and Light that you should shine. As children many of us thought or sang, “This little light of mine, I’m gonna let it shine.” But often as teens and adults we forget what our true purpose is, what we were created to do, and what is the most fun. Someone has said we should love our work and work at what we love till we hardly know the difference. That is shining and that is fun. Sunday, Monday and every day are meant to be shine days and fun days.

The moon is not even a star nor are the planets but even they shine brightly in reflected light. We have the added advantage, being stars, of being able not only to cast our own inner light but also to reflective light of other stars, all family of ours.

I hope you can tell that I am having fun with this piece. I usually do because I am glad and grateful always to have something encouraging to share with each one of you. Aren’t you glad and grateful that you can read? Bless the person or persons who took the time to read to us and to teach us to read for ourselves.

For fifty some odd days now I have read, recorded, and emailed out a daily David Reads Children’s Books story for young readers of all ages. Some are simple with just a few words and others more but if you ask me, “What for?” I will answer smartly, because a friend asked me to, I can, and I enjoy doing it. My two children, one, a daughter who is already gone, leaving this life at thirty-two, and the other, a son, is almost twenty-nine. So I have no little ones of my own to read to, but there is me and there is you, and many have children, and grand babies that want reading to. If you would like to hear one or ten DRCB(s) email me your email address to and I will put you on the mailing list – no charge.

Sometimes I think I do some of my best shining when reading children’s books. And I hope some little star will twinkle when they hear one of my readings someday or perhaps a bigger star like you, Sunshine. (My dear and departed Mama used to call me that.)

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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