No Enemies Just Family And Friends

Blog 1455 – 09.12.2019

No Enemies Just Family And Friends

Today’s title says succinctly, summing up, one of my favorite themes regarding Who and Whose we truly are. In the action movie, Wanted, a tearful and stresses, somewhat misinformed and misguided young man is forced to admit the central truth of his young mess of a life, “I don’t know who I am.”

That is his first step to finding out who he really is, as it is for all of us finding ourself, and our way – admitting that we have acted out, up, and wrongly because we did and do not know who we are. Who are we? We know deep within. We have always known but were cowered and confused by our own egos too much of the time to admit it to ourselves, this the greatest eternal truth. Need proof? Look no further than your own backyard, Dorothy, into the heaven, the home of your own heart. Who you find there is Who and Whose you are. That God spark at the center of you, of me, of everyone, and everything is Who and Whose we are.

I was thinking yesterday on my drive home from my day job that someday soon I would like to look through all of my thus far over fourteen hundred blogs and pick out all that deal with Oneness and Who and Whose We Are and gather them together into a single book, maybe title it something like, The One You Were Always Looking For, Finally Found You, and publish it for seekers everywhere.

Are you a seeker? Do you even know what you seek? There is a line from a seventies “girl power” song that I recall that says, “ I have been all around the world but I’ve never been to me.” Sometimes I think the best blogs that I write are the short concise ones. I marvel at my friend Mike Dooley, author of Notes From The Universe, and his uncanny knack for putting so much in a few choice words. I am by nature as my dad was before me a wordy more long-winded kind of guy.

I guess I could have stopped at the title but then what would be the fun in that. To quote another often quoted by me song-line “There ain’t no good guys, there ain’t no bad guys, there’s only you and me…” And I paraphrase the rest – we are just a single person trying to play Hide and Seek – start to finish – Ollie, Ollie never out, home free.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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