The Perfection Of Imperfection

Blog 1438 – 08.28.2019

The Perfection Of Imperfections (A Short Piece On Perfection)

Life was never meant to be Barbie dolls and photo-shopped, air-brushed perfection. Our unreal obsession with symmetric faces and equally proportioned appendages not withstanding, imperfection brings its own perfection – the real, the genuine, and the unique.

All the cosmetic surgeries and billions spent on beauty products by women and men, young and old, cannot change the fact that to paraphrase one of my favorite lines in all the New Testament scriptures – We have this treasure in earthen vessels that the excellency might shine from within.

I am told by Bible history scholars who study these things that the image is of an earthen clay lamp with oil and a wick or a candle within that glows through the holes and cracks revealing the light within and shining for all to see and see by. That I think is the best description of us, light beings, who inhabit these bodies of clay.

Inner beauty is therefore the light that reveals all aspects of the true beauty shining inside out. How silly we are to worry so much about the appearance of this temporary clothing that we wear. One day, ever closer for some of us, we will fold up this garment and put it away never to need it again or even to care about an expensive funeral or burial for it, or if anyone comes to visit it ever again. Why would we, or why would they, for as the angels said to those who came looking for Jesus’ body thinking that they could honor him, “Why do you look for the living among the dead? He is not here for he has risen.” And so shall we all, my dear friends and fellow travelers, so shall we.


David White

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