Exceptional, Really?

Blog 1431 – 08.21.2019

Exceptional, Really?

What got me thinking about this subject, if you are interested in how my mind works, is a comment a construction crew foreman just made when I said the bees are attracted to our bright yellow safety vests because they think we are flowers. He said we probably don’t smell like flowers especially late in the day. I replied that I have smelled some pretty stinky flowers that put out a not so pleasant sent to draw flies to feast on. That got me thinking that sometimes even flowers show more smarts than we do.

Man is the most arrogant creature in all of creation because he/she/we think we are smarter than the average bear. Yogi proved otherwise in his quest for picnic baskets, huh Boo Boo? Oh, that is just anthropomorphism (attributing human traits, emotions, intelligence, and mannerisms to the “lower” creatures.) Even scientists, many of them, miss the gall, egoism, and incongruity of that approach. Lower indeed, do animals on purpose destroy the very water they drink, the air they breathe, and the place where they live, for a few cents extra profit on a dollar? Only one that I know of, us.

They used to say man is smarter than the animals because he uses tools. But, then scientists discovered that some animals use tools too. They said people are better than animals because they sometimes exhibit compassion, altruism, and self sacrifice for the good of others. The queen mother hyena will stand still and be eaten by the lionesses attacking the pack so her young daughter and heir can survive – the mind-less, heart-less beast, indeed.

We do not stand apart from creation. We are not exceptional but we are wonderful. There is no need to think of anyone or anything as “less than” to realize that the whole of the Universe, God, is magnificent and we each one are an important part of that Oneness. Contrary to the popular notion about the survival of the exceptional or fittest, life is not just about winning and profit, it is not a competition. We are wonderful, everyone, and everything equally loved for we are One. Nothing and no one is exceptional but all are loved equally and accepted. Funny thing, some things are just so self-evident and exceptional that they are hard to argue with. But, we do try, do we not?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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