The Earth Has Been Replenished, Maybe We Should Let Women Run Things For A While

Blog 1430 – 08.20.2019

The Earth Has Been Replenished, Maybe We Should Let Women Run Things For Awhile

Early in the book of Genesis, God supposedly said to mankind, “Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth.” I believe it is safe to say that that is one of God’s commandments that the human race (the only race actually) has had no trouble obeying.

At a feast and family gathering Sunday, not just great food but many heated opinions were shared on politics and religion, in good fun mostly, I think. I jokingly said as the political discussion finally wound down that it is said that three subject should be off limits to keep the peace – religion, politics, and sex, (most people having strong and definite opinions on each) and since we had already hit hard two of the big ones perhaps it was time to talk about sex.

In our religious and political talks I had expressed that I was surprised that women were not up in arms and out in the streets more, demanding fair and equal treatment. Women are and have always been the most marginalized and discriminated against segment of the population. There are still men who think that women and children are their personal property to do with as they please and not just traditional Muslim men either who keep their wives in “bee-keeper suits” and veiled so only their lovely eyes show in public.

Men in this country, and sadly some women too, brainwashed by their men, also believe that a woman should have no choice in whether or not to have a baby. I heard last night that some U.S. Congressman even said that rape and incest throughout history have been a “good thing.” That only proves to me that ignorance and backward thinking does not disqualify one from holding public office, but we knew that already, did we not, Mister Apprentice? Oh, how I hope somebody is going to be fired a year from November if not sooner.

There is not just a concerted effort to continue marginalizing women, not paying them equal pay for equal work and denying them promotions that they are the most qualified for, but there is a real push to go back to the day when women had no reproductive rights at all. The Equal Rights Amendment still has not been ratified by the three quarters of the fifty states to make it law, and Roe V Wade is being whittled away by Executive Orders, State Assemblies, and the Supreme Court is being stuffed with more “Good Ole Boys” who firmly and cluelessly believe that a men need to choose for the “little woman.” All I can say is, “Shame On Us, and our sham that we have the moral high ground when it comes to the treatment of our mothers, sisters, and daughters.

It looks like Elizabeth Warren, President Trump calls her Pocahontas, is the only woman that has a chance, even if a small one, to win the Democratic nomination and run against ignorance for President in 2020. Odds are they will pick another old white guy that they think has a better chance of beating the current old orange guy. Like the ERA we may have to wait till there are enough women in the House and Senate to change some things first. Hurry the day.

Many Americans in both Americas, North and South (not that War Between the States thing but the continents,) and many people all over the world thought it was great that we finally elected a person of color (black and white) as President. But then we with some foreign help, I think, went backwards to make America Not So Great Again.

I found a little book over the weekend that I plan to read for my daily email, David Reads Children’s books. Here it is:

I Want To Be President

Get ready, Ladies, your turn is coming. Goddess, I hope I live to see it.

Your friend, fellow traveler, and

Promoter of a Women’s Right to have or not have a baby and to be President,

David White

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