“I Can Always Make You Smile”

Blog 1367 – 06.17.2019

“I Can Always Make You Smile”

Just how painful that process is as the above picture depicts is really up to you. It really does not take that much to get me laughing, or thinking encouraging thoughts. According to the Book of Proverbs in the Bible and an even more widely read one, The Reader’s Digest, “Laughter Is The Best Medicine.”

I believe it was the first Toy Story Movie that featured the Randy Newman song, “I Love To See You Smile.” And I do, it is the one thing you can always do to make that lovely and loving face of yours even lovelier. No amount of Botax, make-up, or laugh line and wrinkle remover can be a better facial beauty treatment than a smile.

Smiles have been written about and sung about since way back before the first comedian took the stage to try to make his cave mates laugh. That face of Helen Of Troy’s that supposedly launched a thousand ships must have had a wonderful smile and I believe for all I once did and no longer do that when we smile the whole world smiles with us. Honestly, would not we all rather have a world full of smiling faces that another foolish war in the Middle-East or any where. And, yes, all wars are foolish and can and should be avoided. Like divorce when they happen it is always a failure on both sides. And I do not mean people should be forced to live together. Believe me I know sometimes that we just cannot get along well enough to do that and it is better for everyone even the children if we live in separate places but we do not have to “war” with one another. Some people feel war is the only way to solve problems. It is a foolish notion. Just like divorce again, in the end the disagreeing parts have to sit across a table and agree to some things that a judge can sign off on. No one profits from warring couples trying to divorce except the lawyers, very like military contractors do during military conflicts. They get paid to blow it up and to build it back, they get richer and richer supplying armaments, body bags, coffins, flags, and tombstones. My war, Vietnam, created more millionaires in the United States than there had ever been up to that time. But at what a horrendous cost not just to the two countries most involved but to the whole world. As I said the only ones who profit from wars or divorce are the war profiteers and they are smiling all the way to the bank. That is a painful smile the rest of us could do without.

Next time you are tempted to think of any brother or sister no matter their political, religious, sexual, or ethnic background as “less than” just smile and tell ole ego, “I am not buying that bull crap anymore.” Look back at even the great war of the greatest generation (neither any such thing), WWII, at how proganda had us calling the enemy names to dehumanize, defamily-ize (that last one ought not be and is not a word) them so we could think it okay to kill them – Zips, Nips, Krauts, Frogs to name but a few of the nicer sounding ones. All untrue – just Brothers disagreeing about something they need to talk out and would more easily and quickly if the war profiteers were not always stoking the fires of war. American Devils and Rag Heads are world-wide popular terms today, synonyms for the nasty N word, “Notmybrother”, a lie no matter which version you use that only puny ego could say and expect us to continue to believe. It is really nothing more than a fearful reflection of something we see in ourselves that we have yet to love and so we project it upon others so that we may try to destroy it by destroying them. And just where did you get psyche degree, Doctor Dave? No degree, but, some things are self evident when we learn to accept ourselves, flaws and all, and realize that all our seeming problems with others are really just problems with our selves.

I am thinking of a line from a song from my youthful nineteen sixties, “Smile on your brother, everybody get together, come and love one another right now.” It may not be grammatically correct, but “I ain’t a gonna study war no more, I ain’t a gonna study war no more, I ain’t a gonna study war no more.” There is way too much to smile about for that crap.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Smiling Dave

2 thoughts on ““I Can Always Make You Smile”

  1. I AGREE but I was slow to recognize about damage in wars, whether than WW in the European years or VietNam’s years (3 DIFFERENT years ) as I was a young woman! Those were difficult years and to..oops


  2. Anyway “to help soldiers in VN”. I became a charitable trust called PLEA (Please Let Everyone Answer) and did 3 runs to VN to try to get some relief to soldiers in wars when they weren’t fighting.


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