Look For The Best, You Will Find It

Blog 1351 – 06.01.2019

Look For The Best, You Will Find It

With over one thousand three hundred and fifty blogs under my belt it is natural for me to find myself repeating myself, returning over and over again to favorite songs, stories, and themes. I know I have mentioned and more than once an ole work mate who often would begin the new week, month, or year with the exclamation, “It’s a new (fill in the blank),Honey.” I found that much more upbeat and encouraging than the remark so many make, “SOS – standing for Same Old Stuff (G-rated Version)” and usually in the full form, “Same Ole Stuff, Different Day.” That is not a very encouraging way to view life and what if I told you that our life seldom if ever rises above our own expectations, would you raise your sights?

That reminds me of a great quote regarding our expectations of others that also works well with ourselves, “Give others a reputation to live up to, not down to.” Perhaps you have heard of the teaching experiment conducted some years ago now. Two groups of teachers trained to work with high I.Q. and high performing students were assigned classrooms of preselected students. One of the groups of teachers was told their students were high I.Q. high performers. They were not. The other group of teachers was told that their students scored low on intelligence tests and had histories of poor classroom performance. This too was not true. Theirs were all the brightest of the bunch. The results were the same time and again. The students thought to be the best by the teachers performed the best and scored the best on the tests, while those not thought to have potential lived down to their teachers lower expectations. If we want others and us as well to be the best we should expect and look for the best in them and ourselves. It is there in each of us waiting for someone to recognize it and draw it out.

I can still hear the excitement and expectation in my friend Tom Spillane voice with his Jersey accent greeting us all with, “It’s a new month, Honey.” Indeed it is Tom, and I expect it to be a great one, the best yet, and I plan to make the most of it. How about the rest of you out there?

Your friend and fellow traveler,

Always looking for the highest and the best in others, myself, and everything,

David White


Saved The Best For Last

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