Mind Control Techniques (And Kissing Lessons)

Blog 1336 – 05.17.2019

Mind Control Techniques (And Kissing Lessons)

We cannot control what others think, say, or do.

One mind we can control, no one else, only you.

It is amazing how ole lying ego has convinced most of us, all of us at sometime or the other, that we must accept and continue to dwell on whatever thoughts pop into our heads. Nothing could be further from the truth. Though it is true as someone has said we cannot prevent thoughts like birds from flying into our hair, we can keep them from nesting there. How do we change the channel in our minds? It is as easy as changing the channel on the radio or TV – just think a different thought. Instead our trying to resist or fight only fuels the fire of a troubling thought, whatever it is, making us dwell on it, think about, and obsess about it more and more.

There is a reason troubling thoughts and people come into our lives – for us to face them, love them, and let them go. I have a theory that our biggest problem with difficult people, things, and thoughts is really training ourselves to love properly.

True love is not grasping and holding on to for dear life but developing a lighter less clingy touch. The saying is, “If you love someone or something let it or them go if it or they come back to you they are yours.” The fact is that all things are ours but we really cannot appreciate or focus on so many things or people at the same time. Most of us can only do one thing well at a time, contrary to this “multi-tasking notion” which I personally believe is responsible for so many things being half or poorly done.

To illustrate this point I will use a kiss. I am not bragging when I say that I am a great kisser but that is because of two things I have learned well. First of all that “practice makes perfect” and secondly that “anything done well requires our undivided attention and focus.” Poor kissers and poor thinkers usually fail at one or both – not enough practice or poor attention skills.

Though I believe we are all born with innate loving, kissing, and thinking abilities, those can be improved upon by practice and focus. Sloppy kissing and sloppy thinking should not be tolerated, in ourselves at least. And I know we are taught that we should be tolerant of others’ religious, political, sexual identity, and sports team choices but seriously we ought not be so tolerant of our own careless thinking anymore than we should be with our own eating, sleeping, and hygiene habits.

While I am here, I throw out three personal opinions regarding religion, politics, and sports fans choices. I have two problems with religion – choosing to refuse to live in the present but rather choosing to pretend it is 1830 or worse 1030 CE. And the same problem I have with all three, religion, politics, and sports fandom is this acting like a particular choice is “the only true one.” Nonsense, too many to choose from to think that only one is the “true” or “right” one. True or right for you maybe or perhaps not even that.

Think about it. If those thoughts you are thinking are not making you happy why would you try to push them off on others unless for the sick reason of trying to prove to yourself that you chose rightly or that those who taught you to think as you do did. I believe as my dear friend Mike Dooley says, that thoughts become things, we should choose the good ones. Or as my new truck front plate reads (A little crooked in the picture – that skewed view thing in action) – but answering the important question “What do we do to be and stay happy?, the simple answer being – “Think Happy Thoughts.” Only you have the right and responsibility to change your own mind but you can do it anytime you choose. I hope you choose to be happy but I am happy to let you have your own experiences.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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