Rain, Showers Of Blessings

Blog 1339 – 05.10.2019

Rain, Showers Of Blessings

I grew up in eastern Tennessee where in the spring especially it was always lush and green with lots of lovely rain and blossoming plants, flowers, and blooming trees. My favorites were dogwood blossoms, pink but especially white.

There is a legend that the four white petals of the dogwood bloom make a cross and that the tips of three of the petals have blood stains in remembrance of a singular cross. The legend also says that up till that point dogwood trees grew straight but because one was used in making of a particular cross they were ever after cursed and made to grow crooked.

I do not believe in curses and I also take legends with a grain of salt as well. I am far more interested in a good story than it’s moral or propaganda value.

There is a story of Jesus cursing a tree once because he came to it hoping to find figs even though it was not the season for figs. He was hungry and most of you girls know how grabby we guys can be when it is passed time to eat. He cursed that tree and said may you never bear fruit. Later when Jesus and the guys passed that same way his disciples marveled saying, “Look, boss, the tree you cursed has died.”

If you did not think Jesus cursed? Look it it for yourself. I wonder if his actual words were, “God damn it.” Probably not but, I believe Jesus was a real person and not the plastic saint riding on the dash boards of so many cars and trucks.

I started out talking about blooming things and what makes them bloom. My current address is Bloomington, Indiana. That probably started out as Blooming Town or some such. It rains a lot here. Real rain, fat rain, not that misty infrequent light rain of the high desert like in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The University of Indiana is in Bloomington and some other beautiful flowers from all over the country come to bloom and blossom here. School is out for the summer but a new crop will bloom in the fall. I hope I am here to see that though contrary to the saying it will be a sight that will probably make my eyes sore.

I am sure there will be rain too and I love to see it rain. Showers of blessings.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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