As Friends And Family Gather

Blog 1317 -04.18.2019

As Friends And Family Gather

Even those no longer, nor ever, very religious among us still have certain rituals that give us comfort. Funerals are one of those rituals for many. They help us to make sense of separation and give us both an opportunity to celebrate another life and to take stock of our own. They give us an excuse to gather with friends, family, and loved ones, as if we needed one. But then after we leave our parents homes and try to find our own way in this life, if we move far from family and childhood friends those visits back “home” get fewer and farther between. Home itself comes to mean more than our childhood home or where our parents live but where we live and have our own babies as well.

Today many people will be gathering to celebrate the life of Wallace Mendel Stokes. I would not be surprised if it is a standing room only affair, for Wallace touched the hearts and lives of countless people. His life-long love, Betty, will be there and though her heart is aching and breaking at this further separation from her sweetheart she will be beaming her loving and lovely smile on all who gather to honor her hero. In but two weeks hers and his birthday will be marked and as well their wedding anniversary and two of their granddaughters birthdays. Early May has long been a time of special rituals at the Stokes Farm.

Friends and family gather to celebrate deaths, birthdays, and other special “holy days” or holidays. I think it a shame that someone has to die to get us to stop and take stock of the direction of our lives or even just to stop and party together the way families seemed to do a lot more of in times past. But then every family seems to have a patriarch or matriarch that is the center of attraction or the great draw that brings people from far and wide to gather.

Wallace’s Betty so long as she lives will be that for the Stokes clan but they have lost Dad and he will be missed yet Heaven is the richer if we feel the poorer for his departure. We are not poorer for nothing is ever truly lost but ours always to enjoy. Or at least that is my opinion on the matter. See you later, Wallace.

Your friend and fellow traveler,

David White

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